Mercedes Tyre Pressure Warning

Mercedes Tyre Pressure Warning keeps Coming On [Easy Fix]

Is your Mercedes tyre pressure warning keep coming back although your tires are fine and you did a system reset?

In this article, I am going to share with you the most common reasons why your Mercedes tyre pressure warning keeps coming back on and how to fix the issue. let’s get to it

The Reason Why Your Mercedes Tyre Pressure Warning Keeps Coming Back on?

From my experience as a mechanic, Mercedes have a common problem with tire pressure sensors failing.

If your Mercedes Tyre pressure warning keeps coming back on it’s likely one or more tire pressure sensors (TPS) are damaged.

What are Tire Pressure Sensors?

Now, that I have explained what causes your Tyre pressure warning to come back on, let’s take a look at what these sensors actually are.

Tire Pressure Sensors (TPS) is designed to monitor the air pressure inside your tires. These sensors transmit information about the tire pressure to your Mercedes tire pressure monitoring system( TPMS) which uses this data to alert you if you have low tire pressure.

The main purpose of TPS is to prevent your tires from being underinflated, which can lead to premature wear or even blowouts.

Where are Mercedes Tire Pressure Sensors Located

Tire Pressure Sensors (TPS) are located in each wheel well of your Mercedes and are connected to the wheel by a small wire.

Each sensor has a battery that can also go bad over time, which can cause the sensor to stop working or give you false readings. If this happens, your Mercedes will not be able to detect low tire pressure and alert you.

Why Do Mercedes Tire Pressure Sensors Fail?

  • Battery Going out: The battery in your Mercedes’ Tire Pressure Sensor can go bad over time and cause the sensor to stop working.
  • Corrosion inside the valve stem: Corrosion inside the valve stem can cause your Mercedes’ Tire Pressure Sensor to stop working.
  • Physical Damage: If you run over a nail or other sharp object with your Mercedes, it can damage the Tire Pressure Sensor.

How Do You Get Rid of Tyre pressure Warning on Your Mercedes

Now that you know the issue is caused by a faulty Tire Pressure Sensor, you can take action to fix it. In order to fix and reset the system you will need to get new tire pressure sensors (I recommend changing all 4) .

You can either do it yourself, have a qualified mechanic replace them or take your car to the Mercedes dealer to have the tires replaced. This is fortunately not a costly issue.

After replacing the tire pressure sensors then you can reset the system from your settings (varies depending on model year). This video shows you step by step process of resetting the tire pressure sensor message from the settings.

Cost to Replace Mercedes Tire Pressure Sensors

The cost will vary based on the model, but it’s generally not very expensive. It will cost you anywhere from $150 (£120) to $300 (£240 for four new sensors.

This is a small price to pay for peace of mind knowing that your TPS is measuring the tire pressures accurately and the message will only pop up if your tires are really underinflated.

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