What Does SLT Stand for GMC? [What it Includes]

If you have an interest in trucks and SUVs, there is a high probability that you have heard the term SLT. But maybe, there’s critical information you’ve been missing; we’ll everything you need to know about SLT.

What is the Meaning of SLT as used in GMC Truck?

The term SLT used in the GMC trucks is an acronym for “Standard Luxury Touring.” The main reason the company decided to set up a Standard Luxury Touring option is that it wanted an excellent choice for its customers looking to have luxury while avoiding the Denali price tag.

There have been other extra whistles and bells created with this trim to boost the comfort of the passengers when they are on the road.

They also offer extra entertainment options that individuals could choose from that would help them to stay occupied in the driver’s seat.

What is included in the GM SLT Trim?

The SLT trim provides more luxury to the drivers who prefer to have a premium feel without having to go the extra mile of sacrificing everyday pickup truck use.

It has a cabin with a series of soft-touch materials together with a generous amount of head and legroom. This usually helps all tall passengers move to the back easily. GMC offers SLT trims with other necessities and larger 18-inch wheels.

There are some outstanding exterior features that the customers purchase the trim for. For example, some customers have been choosing them since they have turned on signals on the roof side mirrors, fog lights, and side rails.

Furthermore, the passenger and driver in the cabin can enjoy the perforated leather seats, which are soft and supple. The vehicle’s upholstery also gives the vehicle a luxurious appearance in the cabin while also affecting the upscale environment. The vehicle has an 8-way adjustable driver, customized according to the driver’s instructions.

Since the side rails are mounted on the roof, it is easier for an individual to pack their large pieces of luggage or sports equipment every moment they will be going to spend time on the go. Many drivers have also preferred the SLT trim because of its remote start feature that is usually created standard.

It’s the main reason is that it makes it easy for the driver to start the engine even before stepping foot into the vehicle. The vehicle has a high-definition rearview camera which is one of the safest features that the vehicle has in the cabin.

It reduces the blind spots since it gives the driver a clear view of what surroundings. For example, it is now easier and safe for the driver to back out of the parking spaces or a driveway. The vehicle also has a standard 8-inch screen. The advantages of this screen are that it is large enough and easier for the individual to operate. The trim also has a high level of comfort. This is because it has dual-zone automatic climate control and hot front seats.

Comparison between SLT and SLE

One of the common types of vehicles that have been mistaken for each other is GMC Terrain SLT and SLE. Even though these two vehicles have similarities that make them hard to identify, they also have notable differences.

Similarities between SLT and SLE

Both 2021 GMC Terrain SLT and SLE have been set up with a 1.5L turbo with a four-cylinder engine. This engine has an automatic start or stops technology that collaborates with the nine-speed automatic transmission. They offer 170 horsepower and 203 pound-feet of torque.

This is critical since it helps the individual to tow up to a maximum of 1500 pounds. Another similarity is that you can see the two models in the market having either an all-wheel drive (AWD) or a front-wheel drive (FWD).

Both models have embraced distinctive C-shaped LED signature lighting with LED signature tail lamps and high-intensity discharge headlamps. In both models, you will find leather wrapped to the steering wheel. This leather increases the comfort of individuals.

Both models have a front passenger seatback which gives an individual the power to haul items up to a maximum of 8 feet long.

During this time, the 60/40 split fold-flat rear seat is allowed to perform through the rear seat release levers, which are situated at the back cargo region to boost your convenience. In every drive in the 2021 terrain, the two models have employed a wide selection of technical characteristics.

For example, it has created a feature for smartphone users. It caters to users of smartphones with Android Auto or Apple CarPlay or when you are navigating with confidence by applying the smart safety rules. It keeps you connected in every stage of their drive.

The two models also have 4G LTE Wi-Fi, GMC Pro Safety, a Six-speaker audio system, GMC Connected Navigation, Amazon Alexa built-in capability, and GMC Connected Access capable.

Differences between SLE and SLT

One of the notable differences between the two models is the price difference between the packages they offer. The SLT packages are usually more expensive than the SLE packages.

The main reason is that the SLT has more luxurious features than the SLE. For example, the process of SLT GMC Acadia is $40,295, while the price of SLE GMC Acadia is $35995. Furthermore, the price of the SLT GMC Yukon is $59,695, while the price of the SLE GMC Yukon is $52,695.

Another difference between the two models is their exterior upgrades. For instance, the 2021 GMC terrain SLT has upsized 18-inch machined aluminum wheels.

These wheels have accents that are painted in dark grey. On the other hand, the SLE has 17- inch wheels painted in silver. It’s also easier for an individual to find standard fog lamps, standard roof-mounted side rails, and hand-free programmable liftgate in SLT alone and lack them in the SLE.

Another difference between the two models is their interior upgrades. For example, the 2021 GMC terrain SLT has a heated steering wheel with a perforated leather seat trim.

Furthermore, it has ambient interior lighting, an 8-way power driver seat, and a 6-power front passenger seat. On the other hand, the SLE has four-way annual front seats and premium cloth seats.

It’s standard for every SLT to have heated seats with dual-zone climate control, while the SLE is optional. The other outstanding difference between the two models is their technological experience and infotainment system. For example, the SLT has an 8-inch touchscreen while the SLE has a 7-inch touchscreen.


Looking at the features of these two models, it is evident why people have been choosing the SLT among the other models. For instance, most people have been choosing it because of the high level of accommodation that it offers passengers and the drivers over the rest models. Therefore, the individuals looking for luxury usually go for these trucks.

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