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Access Key Battery Low Subaru [Meaning & How to Fix]

You just started your Subaru, and then the message “Subaru access key battery low” appears on the dashboard.

You try your key fob, and it works. So you wonder what is causing the warning message?

In this article, I will be addressing this issue and give you information on why the message appears, what causes it, and how you can fix it. Let’s get to it.

Subaru “Access Key Battery Low” Meaning

In simple terms, the “Subaru access key battery low” alert on your Subaru dashboard is just an indication that your key fob’s battery power is getting depleted, and you might want to replace it.

It is a proactive reminder that you need to get your access key a new battery.

While you can still use the access key without replacing the battery, the battery will eventually die, making it hard for you to use the remote key again.

The access key is convenient as it allows you to access your Subaru remotely.

It comes with a small battery that enables it to send signals to your car.

What Causes “Acces Key Battery Low” on a Subaru?

The main reason for the Subaru access key battery low message on your Subaru dashboard is a depleted battery, but the alert is not always due to this.

Below, I explain the most common causes of the Subaru access key battery low warning message:

1. Depleted Battery

The battery in your access key will gradually get depleted over time. As the battery power diminishes, there will be reduced signal strength.

The communication between your Subaru and the remote key will also reduce over time.

This prompts your car to trigger the access key battery low warning message so you can take appropriate action; replacing the battery.

2. The Age of the Keyfob Battery

You may not have used your key fob for a long time, but the next time you use it, the warning message appears.

This may be due to the age of the battery. The access key batteries often have a lifespan of between 3-5 years.

The capacity of the battery decreases as it ages, leading to reduced performance. Your car notices this and displays the access key battery low message.

3. Interference or Obstruction of Signals

This is another possible cause of the battery low warning.

There may be something interference with the signals from your access key, so they are not reaching your vehicle as they normally should.

There could also be objects obstructing the signals from your remote key.

These objects could be anything from electronic devices, metal structures, or other access keys that are nearby.

Your Subaru notices this and warns you about low battery, as that’s what its system is designed to tell you when there are issues with your access key.

4. Extreme Temperatures

Sometimes, extremely cold or hot temperatures can also interfere with the accurate performance of your car keys.

For instance, in extremely cold temperatures, the chemical reactions in your key fob’s battery slow down. This causes a reduction in the power output.

Note also that hot temperatures increase these chemical reactions, resulting in faster depletion of the battery.

So if you often use your car in extreme temperatures, especially in cold areas, your Subaru may momentarily display the warning message.

5. System Issues

Another possible cause of the Subaru “access key battery low” alert is issues in your car’s system related to the access key.

It could be anything from electrical malfunctions to sensor issues.

If you have ruled out all of the above possible causes, you might want to have your car system checked by a certified technician.

How to Fix and Reset the Access Key Battery Low Message

Buy a new battery for your access key

This is the most obvious fix that many Subaru drivers think about when they see the warning message.

You want to get a battery that is compatible with your access key as there are many models of Subaru key fobs.

Next, open the access key and locate the battery compartment.

Remove the older battery and carefully install the new one following the instructions in the user manual. Reassemble the access key and check if the warning message is still there.

Check for any obstruction or interference

Another possible fix is looking for and removing any possible sources of interference or obstruction.

As I mentioned earlier, these can be metal objects, other remote keys, or electronic devices.

Ensure these objects are not very close to your access key and try using the key again to see if the issue is fixed.

Reset the access key

Resetting the access key can, sometimes, help fix the issue.

One of the ways to reset the remote key is by removing the battery and then pressing any button on the key several times.

This potentially discharges any residual power. Re-insert the battery and test the access key.

You can also have the key fob reset at your Subaru Service Center.

Consult an expert at your Subaru service center

If all else fails, it is always a good idea to visit your local Subaru Service Center so you can have your car inspected by a certified technician.

Remember, I mentioned system issues as one of the possible causes of the Subaru access key battery low warning message.

They will use their special diagnostic tools to identify where the problem is and fix the car.

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