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Acura A16 Service [What it Covers & Average Cost]

Servicing your Acura is a critical part of maintaining your car. Not only does it help keep you from getting stranded on the side of the road, but it also helps ensure that your Acura will last for many years.

While many people understand the importance of regular maintenance, others may not be sure what is involved in servicing their car.

One of the most common services is on an Acura “A16 Sevice” and in this article, I will explain what this service means what it covers, and how much it costs to get it done.

Let’s get to it.

What is Acura’s a16 Service?

The a16 service code on an Acura is a part of the service minder system, which is a computer that tracks maintenance intervals on Acura vehicles.

The code tells the driver when they need to have their car serviced and what needs to be done. In this case, the a16 service includes oil change, tire rotation, and rear differential fluid change.

What is Included in A16 Service on an Acura?

Now, Let’s explore exactly what is included in the a16 service.

1. Oil Change

The first item on the list is an oil change. If you’ve never had your car serviced before, you’re probably wondering what this entails.

An oil change is when technicians drain out all of the old oil from your vehicle’s engine and replace it with new, fresh oil.

This prevents any buildup of sludge or gunk in the engine, which can lead to wear and tear.

2. Tire Rotation

Next up on the list of things included in the Acura a16 service is tire rotation.

Tire rotation refers to the process of changing the position of your tires.

This helps to reduce uneven wear on them and prolong their life as well as increase fuel economy.

3. Rear Differential Fluid Change

The Rear differential on your Acura is responsible for transmitting the engine’s power to the wheels.

It does this by using two metal plates that are connected together by a set of gears, which are housed in a housing filled with lubricant (known as differential fluid).

The purpose of this fluid is to keep those gears turning smoothly and efficiently.

Over time the fluid gets dirty and contaminated with dirt and debris.

This can wear down the gears in your differential, leading to premature wear and tear on other important parts of the vehicle.

That is why it is also included in Acura’s A16 service and can help prevent unnecessary repairs down the road.

4. Car Wash and Vacuum

The final step in Acura’s A16 service is a car wash and vacuum. After all of the other work is done on your vehicle, it is washed and vacuumed to remove any dirt or debris that may have accumulated during the process.

This helps to ensure that you are getting maximum value out of this service and that your vehicle looks as good as new when it leaves our shop.

Acura’s Service A16 Checklist 

Task Completed?
Oil Change (A)
Tire Rotation (1)
Rear Differential Fluid Change (6)
Car Wash and Vacuum

Acura a16 Service Cost

Now, let us look at the cost of an Acura A16 service. The average cost of an Acura A16 service is between $240 and $300.

The breakdown of each task is as follows:

  1. Oil change = $80-100
  2. Tire Rotation = $27 -40
  3. Rear Differential fluid change = $130-160

Whether you have the TLX, MDX, RDX, ILX, or NSX the price will vary based on where you take your vehicle.

Different dealers and independent garages have different prices but they are usually within a few dollars.

A16 Service Schedule

Other than the service minder message that comes up on your screen, there is a recommended service schedule for the Acura A16.

The service schedule for the Acura A16 is as follows:

  • Oil change every 5000-7500 miles
  • Tire rotation every 7500-1000 miles
  • Rear Differential fluid change every 30,000 to 50,000 miles

As an Auto tech, these are the general guidelines I recommend you follow after the maintenance service minder.

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