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Audi MMI System Not Working [Screen Problems fix]

In this article, I am going to explain to you the main reason(s) why your Audi Multi Media Interface (MMI) system is not working and provide you with actionable steps you can take to fix this problem.

Without wasting any more time, let’s get into it!

Causes For the Malfunction of the Audi MMI Screen

There are various reasons why your Audi MMI screen may stop working, including the ones below:

Low Battery Voltage

The most common cause of an unresponsive or blank Audi MMI screen is a low battery or insufficient voltage reaching the screen. The MMI system relies on steady battery power in order to function properly.

If the battery is old and unable to hold a charge or there are faulty electrical connections resulting in voltage drops, the MMI screen may turn off, freeze, or become unresponsive.

A low battery may be unable to provide the consistent 12+ volts required for the screen to operate. Similarly, corroded battery terminals or loose wire connections can interrupt power delivery.

As the vehicle battery discharges over time, the voltage may dip below the necessary threshold for the screen, causing it to malfunction or turn off completely.

If your Audi’s battery is more than 3-4 years old, getting it tested or replacing it with a new battery can often resolve MMI screen problems related to insufficient voltage.

Checking for loose wiring or corroded terminals that need cleaning will also help maintain stable voltage to the sensitive screen components.

Keeping your battery properly charged and maintained is key to keeping the MMI screen powered on and functioning.


While Audi’s MMI system is one of the best cutting-edge innovations of the brand, the system is actually very sensitive to temperature whether cold or hot.

Your MMI screen may have stopped working because of overheating.

I remember in 2011 many Audi models had MMI interface issues some of which were caused by overheating.

The company had to update the MMI system for it to work properly. So, overheating may be the reason your Audi MMI screen won’t come on. 

Check the interior cabin temperature and try to reduce it if it is too hot then check if the screen works. 

A Blown Fuse

A blown fuse may be another reason your Audi MMI screen is not working.

The fuse powers the MMI screen so if it is defective, the entire MMI system including the screen won’t work. You want to check the passenger compartment fuse box to rule this out.

In your owner’s manual, find the fuse that powers your car’s display, then go to the fuse box and locate it. Pull it out of the slot and check it for any defects.

If it is okay, there should be a small metal bar connecting two pins. If it is darkened or missing, you may want to replace it with a new one.

However, you want to get exactly the same fuse because installing the wrong fuse can even lead to a fire.

There is a Glitch in the MMI Software

The software running the MMI system may be glitching or it just crashed.

This could be the result of different issues including outdated software or having too many programs running at the same time. The system gets overwhelmed and some functions such as the touch screen stop working.

Software issues can be temporary so you might want to give the system time and see if the screen starts working normally. You can also hard reset the MMI module.

The MMI Unit Failed

The entire MMI unit can also fail leading to the Audi MMI Screen Not Working.

The unit uses fiber optic cables, and while these cables transmit data quickly and work extraordinarily, the entire system will fail if there is even one point of failure in the cable.

It may be difficult to know which cable has failed so, often, you will need to replace the entire MMI unit. You can also consult an Audi service provider to determine which cable failed and whether the unit should be replaced.

Water Damage

Another possible reason for the Audi MMI screen not working is water damage to the MMI module or the amplifier.

Water damage can be a result of a leakage from the rear window washer pipe into the amplifier in the trunk. It can also be due to too much moisture in the cabin.

If water damage is the issue, you may need to replace the module or amplifier and then reprogram it. You may need professional help with this.

Screen Hardware Failure

There may have been physical damage or screen hardware failure.

The components of the MMI system such as the graphics card, display driver, and the screen itself can get physically damaged and fail over time.

Check the screen to ensure it is not damaged in any way. Have a professional Audi service provider check the other components of the system to rule out this cause.

Touch Screen Calibration Errors

An unresponsive screen can also be a result of touchscreen calibration errors. If the touch input was not aligned properly with the display, you may have issues with the screen not working over.

Some of these issues include non-functional or inaccurate responses to touch commands.

Take your car to the nearest Audi service centre to have the screen calibration checked.

Interference from Other Devices

Did you recently install aftermarket accessories to the MMI system? If yes, it could be electromagnetically interfering with the MMI system. The interference could also be from other electronic devices such as wireless transmitters.

How to Fix an Audi MMI Screen that Is Not Working 

Now that we have established the most common reasons for your Audi MMI screen not working, how then can we fix the issue? Here are a few solutions:

  • Perform a hard reset. You may need to check your owner’s manual on how to do this or consult an Audi service provider.
  • Have your Battery checked and replaced if needed.
  • Replace the fuse if blown. Make sure to get the right fuse with the correct amperage to avoid even more serious issues.
  • Replace the MMI unit. This will be the best option if you suspect the entire unit has failed or if there is significant damage to major components of the system.
  • Install a new screen. If you notice physical damage on the screen, it may be a good idea to just replace it.
  • Check the amplifier and replace it if it has significant damage.

Other possible fixes include updating the MMI software, reducing cabin temperatures if it is too hot, and inspecting the MMI unit connections to make sure nothing is loose.

I must, however, mention that it is always advisable to an Audi-authorized service provider whenever you have defects with the MMI system. While you can fix minor issues yourself, doing major repairs may void your warranty.
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