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Battery Saver Active Chevy Impala [Meaning & Simple Fix]

In this article, I am going to explain what “Battery Saver Active” means on your Chevrolet Impala, the common causes, and how to fix and reset the alert.

Without wasting any more time, let’s get to it.

What Does “What Does Battery Saver Active” Mean on a Chevy Impala?

In short, a Battery saver active on your Chevy Impala means your Battery Management System (BMS) has detected an issue within the charging system, in most cases, the low battery voltage.

So to prevent the battery from completely draining and causing a total loss of power, the BMS will activate the battery-saver feature.

The Power control module will then immediately shut off/limit non-essential systems and lights on your Impala as well as activate the Battery Saver Active Alert.

What Causes Chevy Impala “Battery Saver Active” Alert?

From working on a handful of Impalas, I’ve found that the most common cause for Battery Saver Active is two main things.

1. Bad or Weak battery:

The most common cause of the battery saver active warning on an Impala is a bad battery.

The battery’s ability to hold a charge and provide enough current to the car’s electrical system is very important.

If your battery has gone bad, it can’t provide enough power to run all of the systems in your vehicle. This causes a “battery saver active”

Over time the ability to charge well and hold charge degrades; typically, the battery will last 3-5 years before it needs to be replaced (sometimes sooner).

Another scenario is when you haven’t been driving your Chevy Impala much for the alternator to charge the battery.

If your Impala has been sitting for a while, especially during the winter months when temperatures drop down to freezing levels and below, it can drain your battery.

As a result, the Battery saver active alert will come on on your dashboard.

2. Faulty Alternator:

The second most common cause of the Battery saver active fault message coming on is a faulty alternator.

The alternator is responsible for charging your battery and keeping it at full charge so that when you start the car, everything works properly.

It does this by converting mechanical energy into electrical energy through a process called “regeneration.”

The alternator can fail due to various reasons, such as

  1. Wiring issues
  2. Exposure to Extreme Temperatures
  3. Battery Short
  4. Regular Wear and Tear
  5. Oil/Fluid leaking to the alternator and more

If the alternator goes bad, it won’t be able to charge your battery leading to a low battery voltage.

The Power Control Module will notice this low voltage, and the PCM will set a trouble code, in this case, a “Battery Saver Active”

It is important to note that other things like loose terminals, corroded terminals, faulty wiring, and more can cause the same issue.

How to Fix and Reset the “Battery Saver Active” Fault on a Chevy Impala

Now that I have explained what the “Battery Saver Active” fault is, how it occurs, and what it means for your car, let’s talk about how to fix it.

1. Disconnect the Battery

The first thing you want to do is disconnect the battery from your Chevy Impala.

This will reset the PCM and clear all codes from memory.

If, after reconnecting the battery, the message clears up, ever, if it re-appears, then you need to continue with the rest of the steps below.

2. Check the Battery

Now, if the alert is still on, it’s time to have your battery tested and replaced if it needs to be.

You can test the battery voltage yourself using a multimeter, take it to a dealer, or by taking it to a place like Autozone.

A Battery that is in good condition should read at least 12.6 volts when off and 13-14.5 Volts when the engine is running.

If your battery voltage is bad, replacing it should solve the problem.

3. Test/Replace the Alternator

If your Chevy Impala battery is good and still getting the battery saver active message, then you should test the alternator.

To have the alternator checked, I recommend taking your car to a mechanic or your local auto parts store (Auto Zone, Juffylube); they will be able to test and replace it if needed.

An alternator that is in good condition should read at least anywhere between 13.6-14.8 volts.

If it is faulty, then you will need to get it replaced to fix the battery saver active on your Impala.

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