Nissan Car with key Symbol on Dashboard

Car with key Symbol on Dashboard Nissan: Meaning & Fix

Seeing a key symbol on your Nissan’s dashboard can be concerning. Fortunately, this symbol usually indicates a minor issue, often fixable on your own, with the help of this article.

Without wasting any more time let’s look at the common causes and how to fix and reset this light on your Nissan.

Quick Answer: Nissan Key Symbol Meaning

The key symbol on a Nissan’s dashboard indicates a problem with the vehicle’s intelligent key system this is typically associated with the vehicle’s anti-theft system..

Common causes include a low-key battery or signal interference. Less frequently, the issue might be a faulty intelligent key or a bad key fob.

Typically, replacing the key fob battery or reprogramming the intelligent key system resolves the issue. 

Cause Solution
Low or dead key fob battery Replace battery in fob
Interference blocking signal Eliminate sources of signal interference. Reposition key in vehicle.
Faulty intelligent key unit Requires diagnosis and replacement at Nissan dealer

Nissan Key Symbol Causes in More Detail

1. Low Key Fob Battery

Replace the battery in your intelligent key fob. Often, this simple step resolves the issue immediately.

2. Signal Interference

Check for potential disruptions to signal transmission. Remove electronic devices like cell phones that might interfere with the signal.

Adjust the key’s position until the vehicle recognizes it, and the warning light turns off.

3. Faulty Intelligent Key System

If replacing the battery and troubleshooting signal interference don’t work, professional service is necessary.

Visit a Nissan dealer for a thorough diagnosis and potential replacement of faulty components.

Troubleshooting Key Light Issues on Your Nissan

Follow these steps to properly assess the problem.

Initial Checks

First, check if your key fob battery is drained, as a dead battery can activate the warning light. Also, make sure there is no interference blocking the key fob signal and that the fob is in operating range. Trying a spare key can reveal if the issue stems from a faulty key.

  1. Key Fob Battery – Replace weak or dead batteries
  2. Signal Interference – Remove obstacles between key fob and vehicle
  3. Key Fob Range – Ensure proximity to vehicle
  4. Spare Key Test – Determine if issue is isolated to one key

Diagnosing with an OBD-II Scanner

If initial checks don’t resolve the issue, use an OBD-II scanner to pull diagnostic trouble codes from the vehicle computer.

This can identify problems with the immobilizer system or keyless functions. Connect scanner to diagnostic port Scan computer for codes Research code meanings

Preventative Measures and Maintenance

To prevent the “Car With Key Symbol On Dashboard Nissan” warning light from appearing, follow these key preventative measures and maintenance tips:

  • Replace the intelligent key fob battery annually or when range decreases
  • Always lock doors when exiting vehicle to avoid triggering anti-theft system
  • Keep intelligent key fob away from electronic devices that may cause interference
  • Follow Nissan’s recommended maintenance schedule for oil changes, tire rotations, inspections
  • Clean the intelligent key regularly with a soft cloth to prevent dirt buildup
  • Store spare intelligent key in a faraday bag or pouch to protect signal
  • Have Nissan dealer check and update intelligent key software when bringing the vehicle in for routine maintenance
  • Use Nissan branded key fob batteries for optimal intelligent key system performance

The Nissan Intelligent Key system relies on electronic sensors and transmitters to function. While a highly advanced system, basic maintenance helps prevent common issues like dead batteries or signal interference.

Keeping your key fob clean and scratch-free also maintains the integrity of the unit over years of daily use.

Software updates from Nissan improve the encryption and signal recognition between vehicle and key.

Installing these updates when available reduces the chances of security faults down the road. And using high-quality Nissan batteries specifically designed for the intelligent key technology guarantees ideal power and operating range.

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