Acura MDX "Check DRL System"

Check DRL System Acura MDX [Meaning, Causes & Fix]

Many Acura MDX owners have reported getting the “Check DRL System” warning message on their dashboards, and many wonder what the issue could be and how they can fix it.

If you have been experiencing the same issue, don’t worry because you have come to the right place.

After encountering many Acura’s with the same problem in my workshop,

I wrote this article to help people understand what the issue could be and how they can easily fix it. Let’s get to it.

What Does “Check DRL System” Mean on an Acura MDX?

In simple terms, the Check DRL System message in Acura MDX tells you that your car’s onboard computer has detected potential problems with your Daytime Running Lights.

The DRL system is primarily designed to enhance the visibility of your during daylight hours.

They come on automatically once the car engine is started.

When the Check DRL System message comes on, there could be an underlying issue that needs your immediate attention.

Some of the potential causes of the Check DRL System message in Acura MDX include a faulty bulb, blown fuses, and loose electrical connections.

Read on to discover more causes of this warning message and how to fix it.

What Causes Acura MDX’s “Check DRL System” Alert?

There are several possible causes of this warning message in your Acura MDX. They include the following, among others:

A Faulty Bulb(s)

This is among the most common causes of the warning message. One of your DRL bulbs may become defective or burnt out over time.

When you start the car’s engine, the warning message comes on.

Replacing a defective bulb is easy, so you want to check all the DRL bulbs and see if there’s any that need to be replaced with a new one.

Loose Electrical Connectors

You are likely to see the Check DRL System message if your Acura MDX’s electrical connectors related to your DRL are loose or defective.

Different components of the DRL system are connected with these connectors.

Rule out this issue by having all the electrical connectors in the DRL system are securely attached.

Blown Fuses

Another common cause of the warning message is faulty or blow fuses.

The DRL system uses various fuses to protect its electrical circuit from too much current.

In case one fuse blows out, there is definitely going to be a power problem, and the warning message will appear.

So again, have the fuses examined to rule out this potential cause.

Faulty Socket

Worn-out or damaged sockets may lead to improper bulb connections.

There is going to be a malfunction in the DRL system, and the Check DRL System message will appear.

Make sure all the sockets are in good shape and see whether the warning will go away.

Corrosion on the DRL System

Wear and tear and corrosion of metal parts that are exposed to moisture is other potential cause of the DRL system warning message.

Corrosion in the connectors or wiring of the DRL system will disrupt the flow of electrical charge leading to the warning message.

You want to thoroughly check for any signs of corrosion, wear, and tear and replace any damaged wires or connectors.

A Failed DRL Module

The last possible cause on my list is having a failed DRL Module.

The module is what controls the operation of the entire DRL system.

If it fails or starts malfunctioning, the Check DRL System will come on every time you start your car.

Have the module diagnosed and replaced if any signs of malfunction are detected.

How to Fix and Reset the Check DRL System on an Acura MDX

Now that we have established the most probable cause of the Check DRL System Acura MDX, we need to determine the best possible ways to fix it and reset the warning.

Here are a few fixes that have worked for many Acura MDX drivers:

1. Inspect all the DRL Bulbs

I mentioned earlier that one of the most common causes of the warning message is a faulty bulb.

So you want to start by inspecting all the DRL bulbs on your car to make sure you don’t have any damaged or faulty ones.

2. Replace all burnt bulbs

With new ones and check if the problem has been fixed. Replace Blown Fuses Again, blown fuses are a major cause of the warning message.

While you can check the fuses yourself, you may also opt to have an expert have a look at the fuse box and replace any blown fuses.

Make sure you are replacing blow fuses with the right ones to avoid any electrical issues.

3. Check all Wires and Connectors

Here, you will be looking for any signs of corrosion, wear, and tear. Also, check for loose connections and the electrical connectors and fix any issues you find.

Replace damaged or corroded wires and connectors and see if the message disappears.

4. Inspect the Sockets and Wire Harness

Make sure to take a careful look at all the sockets and wire harnesses.

All sockets must be in good condition and should hold the bulbs properly.

Connections in the wire harness must be secure. Repair a damaged wire harness and replace any damaged sockets.

5. Inspect the DRL Module

If all else fails, you might want to have the DRL module carefully inspected by an expert. You can take it to your mechanic or dealer for a proper inspection and replacement if the module is defective.

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