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Chevy Cruze Oil Change Interval: Costs, & More

As a Chevy Cruze owner, keeping up with your vehicle’s oil changes is one of the most important things you can do to keep your car running smoothly for years to come.

But how often does your Cruze need its oil changed, what factors impact that interval, and how much should you expect to pay? Let’s discuss and explore everything you need to know about Chevy Cruze oil changes.

Recommended Chevy Cruze Oil Change Intervals

In general, Chevrolet recommends the following oil change intervals for the Cruze based on the model year and engine:

Model Year Engine Oil Change Interval
2011-2015 1.4L Turbo, 1.8L Every 5,000- 7,500 miles or 12 months
2016-2019 1.4L Turbo Every 5,000-7,500 miles or when oil life monitor indicates

However, these are just general guidelines. The actual interval can vary based on several factors:

  • Your driving habits (frequent short trips, extreme temperatures, towing, etc. are considered “severe” conditions and may require more frequent changes)
  • The age and mileage of your vehicle
  • The type of oil used (conventional vs synthetic)

As a mechanic, I recommend changing your oil every 3500-5000 miles. I know this might sound a bit extreme but I have seen a fair share of issues caused by not changing your motor oil at the right time. 

Monitoring Your Cruze’s Oil Life

oil change due light

Luckily, 2013 and newer Chevy Cruze models have an oil life monitoring system that calculates the remaining oil life based on your actual driving conditions. It will alert you with a “Change Engine Oil Soon” message when it’s time for service, usually with around 15-20% oil life remaining.

For 2011-2012 models without the oil monitoring system, it’s best to check your oil level and condition at least monthly and change it every 5,000 miles or sooner if needed. Darkened or gritty oil indicates it’s time for a change.

Chevrolet Cruze Oil Change Costs

changing chevy oil

The cost of a Chevy Cruze oil change can vary quite a bit depending on where you have it done and what type of oil you use. Here are some average price ranges to give you an idea:

Conventional Oil Change

  • Do-It-Yourself: $25-$35
  • Independent Shop: $35-$75
  • Chevy Dealership: $50-$100

Full Synthetic Oil Change

  • Do-It-Yourself: $45-$70
  • Independent Shop: $65-$125
  • Chevy Dealership: $80-$150

Keep in mind these are just averages – actual prices can be higher or lower. Many shops also include additional value-added services with their oil changes like tire rotations, multi-point inspections, fluid top-offs and more, which can affect the total price.

Are Cruze Oil Changes at the Dealership Worth It?

changing oil at a chevrolet dealer

An oil change at a Chevy dealership will almost always cost more than an independent shop or doing it yourself. However, dealerships do offer some unique benefits that can help justify their higher prices:

  • Chevrolet-trained and certified technicians who specialize in your Cruze
  • Genuine ACDelco oil filters and Dexos-approved oil for optimal engine protection
  • Inclusion of a comprehensive vehicle inspection and OEM parts for any other needed repairs/maintenance
  • Detailed service records that can boost resale value
  • Usually include perks like fluid top-offs, car wash, or loaner vehicles

For many busy Cruze owners, the convenience and peace of mind of dealership oil changes are worth a small premium. That said, there are many reputable independent shops that can do just as good of a job for a bit less. If you have a trusted mechanic you’ve built a relationship with, there’s nothing wrong with saving a bit by going that route.

Can I Change My Cruze’s Oil Myself?

Absolutely! If you’re the handy type, changing your own oil is a great way to save money on Cruze maintenance. An oil change is a pretty straightforward job on these cars that mainly requires a wrench, socket set, oil filter wrench, funnel, an oil pan, and a bit of know-how.

The key things to keep in mind are:

  1. Use the right oil type and viscosity for your Cruze’s engine (check your owner’s manual)
  2. Ensure you have the right oil filter (a genuine ACDelco filter is always a safe bet)
  3. Properly dispose of your used oil at a recycling center or auto parts store
  4. Reset the oil life monitor via the vehicle menu on 2013+ models

If you’ve never changed your own oil before, it’s wise to consult a repair manual or watch some tutorials before diving in. But with the right tools and a bit of patience, it’s a very doable DIY job.

The Bottom Line on Chevy Cruze Oil Changes

No matter how you slice it, regular oil changes at the appropriate interval are crucial for your Chevy Cruze’s engine health and longevity.

By monitoring your oil life, using the right oil and filter, and staying on top of changes, you can avoid costly repairs and keep your Cruze cruising smoothly for many miles to come.

Whether you choose to do it yourself, visit your local independent shop, or put your trust in a Chevy dealership is up to your budget, preferences and comfort level. The key is to not put it off and stick to a consistent maintenance schedule.

And if you ever notice any concerning signs like dirty/low oil, dark exhaust smoke, engine knocking, or the oil pressure light – get your Cruze in for an oil change ASAP. With proper care, your Cruze’s engine will reward you with years of reliable performance.

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