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Chevy Silverado 4 Wheel Drive Won’t Disengage [How to Fix]

The Chevy Silverado is one of the most reliable pickup trucks with excellent performance both on and off-road. But like many vehicles, it comes with a few issues.

One of the major issues I have heard Chevy Silverado drivers complain about is that it sometimes won’t disengage from 4WD. So what could be the issue?

As an experienced auto technician, I have conducted research on the issue of Chevy Silverado stuck on 4 wheel drive.

I have put together this article to assist you in identifying the potential causes of the problem and providing solutions to fix it. Let’s get into it. 

Chevy Silverado 4 Wheel Drive Won’t Disengage Causes

Here are some of the most common reasons why your Chevy Silverado 4-Wheel Drive is refusing to disengage:

Jammed Gears

This is one of the most obvious reasons why you might have your 4WD Chevy Silverado stuck in 4WD.

When you are driving in 4WD mode, the vehicle’s transfer case will lock the rear and the front driveshafts together.

This allows the car to distribute power to all four wheels. With continued use, however, the gears in the T case may become stuck.

This often happens when you regularly drive in the 4WD mode or when shifting between two drive modes on a slippery road.

The sticking together will prevent the T case from disengaging the 4WD mode fully when you want to shift back to 2WD. You might want to try turning the Chevy Silverado in circles.

Try turning the vehicle in one direction and turning it to the other. This has, apparently, done it for some drivers.

Malfunctioning Motor in the T Case

The Transfer case motor is what engages and disengages the 4WD in your truck.

So it goes without saying that if the motor starts malfunctioning, there are going to be problems with the 4WD mode.

The motor could have worn out or there are electrical issues. Listen to any clicks or unusual sounds when you try switching between the two drive modes.

If there are any, you might want to have the motor checked.

The 4WD System is Stuck

While this doesn’t always happen, it is one of the causes I have heard some chevy silverado drivers talk about. Rust accumulating in the system, debris, or even dirt can lead to the 4WD getting stuck.

It is important to also note that the system getting stuck can lead to various components of the 4WD system seizing up.

This will definitely prevent the 4WD mode from disengaging smoothly as it should.

Be sure to do regular maintenance, such as lubricating moving components and cleaning the system when necessary.

There is a Blown Fuse

You probably already know how a blown fuse can mess up parts of a vehicle. The 4WD system of your Chevy Silverado may also be seriously impacted by a blown fuse.

The faulty fuse can result in a disruption of the electrical components and circuits that control the 4WD system. Have your mechanic check all the fuses related to the gearbox of your Chevy to rule out this possibility.

The 4WD Indicator is Inaccurate

Sometimes the issues may not even lie within the 4WD system. It could be that the 4WD mode indicator on your Chevy’s dashboard is actually faulty, so it gives you the impression that the vehicle has an issue with the 4WD.

These are some of the possible causes the chevy silverado 4-wheel drive won’t disengage. There could be more, so it is always important to have your vehicle checked by a certified mechanic in case you are worried.

However, below, I look at a few of the best fixes if your Silverado 4×4 won’t disengage fixes that work. 

Chevrolet Silverado 4×4 Won’t Disangage Fix

1. Clear Jammed Gears:

Jammed or stuck gears can be very problematic and even lead to other gearbox issues. One of the easiest ways to try and resolve this is driving your vehicle in circles as explained above.

you can also try the following things:

  1. start your vehicle while parked and select the 4H button.
  2. Wait for five seconds and turn off the ignition completely.
  3. After sixty seconds, restart your engine and continue driving at 30mph with the selector switch still in 4H mode.
  4. While coasting for two seconds without pressing the gas pedal, press the 2H button. Then, give it some gas to see if the switch works.

However, it is still very important to have the car checked by a technician because the issue may be bigger than you think.

2. Repair the Motor in the T Case:

If you notice that the issue lies with the T case motor, it is also wise to have it repaired or replaced with a new one.

You also want to have the motor’s electrical circuits checked just to be sure they are not the cause of the motor damage.

3. Check the 4WD T Case Encoder Motor Position:

Have a mechanic come over or take your car to the nearest Chevy Service Center and have the position of the T-case motor checked. The technicians there have the right tools to diagnose and fix any issues with the motor.

4. Replace any Blown Fuses Related to the Gear Box:

It is also advisable to check all the fuses related to the gearbox, especially the 4WD system and fix them. Ensure you check the wiring related to the fuses as well to rule out any problems with them.

Other fixes include just taking your truck to the Chevrolet service centre and have it thoroughly checked. You should also check and unstick the 4WD system if you establish that it is causing the issue.

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