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ECU 128 code freightliner [What is It & Causes]

Do you have a Freightliner and saw an ECU 128 code? What exactly does this code mean? We are going to attempt to answer this question in this article.

It would seem a significant number of truck drivers experience this issue and I’m not sure what the code stands for.

It is because of this that you’ve written this article to give as much information as possible about the ECU 120 code, what it means, and what they actually need to take when you see it.

This particular code is not necessarily an error code.

It is an indicator for you to check the control module. When you check the control module you then get the proper error code that will correctly state the nature of the problem that the truck is facing.

In other words, all that it is doing is pointing the driver to the control module so that they attend to the actual problem.

Is ECU 128 an Error Code?

Is it ready briefly touched, the ECU 128 is the national effect, not an error code.

What it is is the mechanism that alerts the truck driver about the potential issues that might be happening elsewhere on the truck.

The prompt is meant to direct the driver to look at the ECM to properly troubleshoot any potential problem. Depending on the truck, pulling out the actual area code is often a simple task.

You can use controls Within the vehicle to navigate to a particular area code.

In cases where this is not possible, you might need to hook up a Diagnostics machine to the truck to establish the true nature of the problem.

When do we say that the ECU 128 code is not an error code we are simply saying that this particular code covers several other codes. It is simply a universal way of highlighting the need for further Diagnostics

Should You Ignore the ECU 128 Error Code?

Should you ignore the ECU on 128 code when it pops up? The answer to this is an obvious no. To bring more clarity to this particular issue we might have to look into how the code appears.

In situations where the code appears intermittently, you may not necessarily need to pay particular attention to it. Remember that this code is a universal sign or indicator pointing toward the ECM where the actual and accurate diagnosis will be obtained.

What sometimes happens is that particular sensors can be triggered by one thing or the other while driving and when they are triggered they can then cause the ECU128 code to appear.

If this is the case you may not necessarily have to deal with the issue right away.

You will most likely not find anything wrong and if you do take your truck to a dealership or Workshop they will also most likely not find anything wrong with it.

However, if the error code is constantly on, you definitely need to look into it because it might be pointing to a serious issue with the vehicle.

How Can You Clear ECU 128 Code?

You cannot just clear the ECU 128 code. The way you get rid of it is by fixing the problem that caused the ECU 128 code to appear. In most cases, this will cause the code to stop appearing altogether.

Sometimes though, the code will remain even after fixing the cause of the error appearing. In such cases, you may need to reset the ECM. A simple way to do this is to do a hard reset.

This involves unplugging the battery terminals on your vehicle for at least 30 minutes. The longer you can do it the better.

This process allows all the power within the car’s system to completely drain out. When you do than plug back your battery terminals, the error code should then be fixed.


To wrap it up the ECU 128 code does not specifically point to one thing but is an umbrella notification that prompts the driver to check the ECU with the actual error code that will be located. In so doing the actual problem can then be fixed

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