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Engine Fault Repair Needed Peugeot [Causes & Quick Fix]

Peugeot makes some of the most affordable and stylish vehicles, but owning one also comes with occasional issues that can be very concerning, especially to new owners.

One of these issues is the “Engine fault repair needed”warning message on the dashboard. If you have this issue, then you came to the right place.

In this article, I will be explaining what the Engine fault repair needed warning message on a Peugeot means, what causes it, and how you can fix it. Let’s get into it.

Engine Fault Repair Needed Meaning on a Peugeot Meaning

In short, the Engine fault repair needed alert is just an indicator that the onboard diagnostic system of your Peugeot detected a potential issue with one or more components of the engine.

However, as we will see later, the message does not necessarily mean the engine is malfunctioning. The onboard diagnostic system of your Peugeot monitors various parts of the car in real-time.

So when the system detects any irregularity within the engine, it triggers the warning message to prompt you to take appropriate action and find the issue.

The issues that trigger this warning message range from minor to major. You shouldn’t ignore the message and take your car to a certified technician or nearest Peugeot Service Center for immediate inspection.

Below, I dive deeper and look at the most common causes of this message.

Engine Fault Repair Needed Main Causes:

Here are some of the leading causes of the engine fault repair needed error message:

1. Carbon Buildup

Over time as you continue using your car, there are going to be carbon deposits accumulating on various parts of the engine, including fuel injectors and intake valves.

This carbon buildup will start restricting airflow as well as disrupting fuel distribution. This will lead to decreased fuel efficiency, increased emissions, and rough handling, among other issues.

Now, if the carbon buildup is not addressed in time, you are likely to get the Engine fault repair needed Peugeot warning message as some components of the engine will be directly hindered.

2. The Battery is Dying or Malfunctioning

A dead or weak battery will cause a variety of electrical issues that disrupt the performance of components of the engine.

The dying battery will cause irregular or low voltage supply, resulting in underperformance of the engine parts that need charge.

This triggers the warning message You may have also had trouble starting your car when the battery is low or dead. This can also result in an error message appearing on your dashboard.

3. Faulty Sensors

Like most modern vehicles, Peugeot cars come with a huge network of sensors monitoring the performance of the engine as well as emissions.

When one or more of these engine-related sensors are malfunctioning or get damaged, the onboard diagnostic system will trigger the warning message.

For example, if you have a faulty oxygen sensor, there is going to be an inaccurate fuel-to-air ratio, and this will negatively affect the performance of the engine.

So the diagnostic system comes in and alerts you to the potential issue through the warning message.

4. Misfiring in the Engine

You get a misfire in the engine when the fuel-air mixture in one or more cylinders of the engine fails to properly ignite.

This is a common problem and is among the leading causes of the Engine fault repair needed Peugeot warning message.

Misfires can be a result of faulty or worn-out spark plugs, faulty ignition coils, or malfunctioning fuel injectors, among other problems.

5. Fuel Delivery System Issues

The fuel delivery system supplies the engine with the correct amount of fuel for optimal performance. The system has many components, including fuel injectors, the fuel filter, and the fuel pump.

If any of these parts is malfunctioning, the entire fuel delivery system will be jeopardized, and you are going to the warning message pop up on your dashboard.

6. Exhaust Gas Recirculation System

Issues The Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) system returns a small portion of your car’s exhaust gas into the engine combustion chambers via the intake manifold.

This significantly lowers the combustion temperature leading to reduced NOx emitted. Now, if any components of the EGR, such as the valve, are compromised, there is going to be an imbalance in the fuel-to-air ratio and increased emissions.

The diagnostic system activates the warning message to alert you to this.

How to Fix and Reset the “Engine Fault Repair Needed” Alert on a Peugeot

Now that we have looked at the leading causes of the engine fault repair needed warning message, we should look at some of the fixes that have worked for many Peugeot drivers. They include:

Have a Proper Diagnostic Scan and Check the Sensors:

This is the first thing you need to do when you experience the warning message. Take your car to the local Peugeot Service Centre and let the experts there help you.

They will comprehensively scan your car with special equipment and retrieve error codes from the car’s onboard diagnostic system. This way, it is easy to identify the exact problem and fix it.

If it is related to the sensors, be sure to replace them with Peugeot- approved ones.


If the problem causing the error message is carbon buildup, then you only need to have the engine parts de-carbonized. Your mechanic will remove all carbon deposits from affected engine components and advise you on the action to take. 

Replace Your Car Battery:

It is also important to consider replacing your battery, especially if it has been giving you trouble when starting the car.

Other fixes include checking and fixing any fuel delivery system issues, replacing the EGR system if it is the culprit, and addressing problems that cause your Peugeot to display the engine fault repair needed alert.

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