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Ford Territory Problems [Common Issues & Recalls]

In this article, I’ll discuss the most prevalent issues associated with the Ford Territory SUV.

Drawing from my firsthand experience as an auto technician, insights from owners, and online community discussions, I’ve compiled this list.

While it isn’t exhaustive, it provides a snapshot of potential concerns you might encounter if considering this vehicle.

Without wasting any more time, let’s get into it!

Please Note: It’s crucial to understand that not every Ford Territory SUV will experience these problems. These are just common issues that have been reported by a section of users.

Many owners have had seamless experiences with their vehicles, so it’s always essential to assess each car individually.

Ford Territory Common Issues at a Glance

If you are looking for a quick answer, here are the most common issues with the Ford Territory

  • Frequent door lock actuator failures leave drivers unable to open the doors
  • Flimsy window regulators often break, causing windows to get stuck and cease functioning
  • Sometimes the tailgate seals allow water intrusion that leads to premature rust
  • Faulty body control modules randomly turn on interior lights, draining the battery
  • Power window switches and door locks stop working without warning, potentially trapping occupants inside
  • Climate control systems in the SZ model have multiple issues across all settings
  • Unaddressed recalls may lead to other problems
  • The V6 diesel engine has expensive problems like failed fuel pumps and needs very diligent maintenance
  • The petrol engine also leaks and has issues with drive belts
  • Bushings, ball joints and driveline components wear out prematurely, requiring frequent repairs
  • Electrical gremlins plague the interior electronics

Ford Territory Recall History 

Date Issue Affected Vehicles
2023 (UAE only) Poor welding of steering column bracket in UAE models 53 
Aug 2011 Fuel return pipe may separate and leak fuel under vehicle 3,399 
May 2012 Faulty side curtain airbag sensor 134 
Sep 2012 Poorly installed trim can restrict accelerator pedal 302 
Feb 2015 Ignition switch connector may disengage while driving 17,875 
Nov 2017 Defective output shaft speed sensor 10,514 

Ford Territory Problems in Detail

Now, let’s look at the most common quirks when it comes to the Ford Territory in more detail.

Climate Control Disappointments

Owners of the third-generation Territory SZ models reported many problems with the air conditioning and heating systems.

This would be a major inconvenience in a place with extreme weather like Australia.

Potential buyers should meticulously test the climate control in all settings. Any strange noises likely indicate impending failure.

With the Territory’s history of recalls, I’d also verify any relevant ones were addressed.

Average Engine Reliability

Both the diesel and petrol engines in the Territory have had reliability issues. The 2.7L V6 diesel seems average at best, with expensive problems like failed high-pressure fuel pumps being common.

As it’s the same engine used in certain Land Rovers, its weaknesses are well documented. The diesel’s complex turbocharged design likely contributes to its woes.

Meanwhile, the naturally aspirated petrol has been more reliable, but still prone to leaks and drive belt problems. Neither engine leaves me confident in the Territory’s mechanical durability over the long run.

Frequent Exterior Woes

The Ford Territory seems to have its fair share of exterior problems based on owner reports.

The door lock actuators apparently fail frequently, leaving drivers unable to lock or unlock the doors.

Replacing these would be an inconvenient and likely pricey repair. The plastic window regulators also sound flimsy and prone to breaking, a poor design in my opinion.

And the tailgate seals have allowed water intrusion, leading to premature rust issues – definitely a concern for used car buyers.

Problematic Interior Electronics

Inside, the Territory’s electronics appear unreliable as well. The body control modules seem to malfunction often, randomly turning on interior lights and killing the battery.

As an owner, I’d be continually worried about coming out to a dead battery.

The power window switches and door locks also apparently stop working regularly, which would be very frustrating.

Some owners reported being trapped inside when the locks failed! In general, the interior electronics sound like an Achilles heel for the Territory.

Closing Thoughts

Overall, here is what I personally think:

The Ford Territory is a decent SUV when taken care of properly in terms of maintenance.

I recommend that you stick with the petrol variants and ideally go for the last generation (SZ) with low mileage.

There are some things I personally like when it comes to this SUV. Some of those include:

  1. Great Handling
  2. Fun to Drive
  3. Incredible Comfort
  4. Very Practical
  5. Great Looking Design
  6. Rugged and Robust Design
  7. Can last longer if well taken care of

I would like to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment below.

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