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Ford Pass Points to Dollars Calculator [Rewards Value]

In this article, I explain how FordPass Rewards Points translate into real dollar savings through an easy-to-use calculator.

You earn up to 10 Points for every $1 spent on eligible purchases at participating Ford dealers.

To make it simple to understand the value of your Points balance,

I’ve created a conversion calculator where you can input your Points, and it will automatically calculate the dollar amount you can redeem.  

FordPass Rewards Points Overview

FordPass Rewards Points are a loyalty currency earned by Ford owners. You gain points through purchases and servicing your Ford vehicle at participating dealers.

Points can then be redeemed for discounts and savings on your next Ford purchase.

For example, earn Points on your oil change, then redeem those Points to save money on your next tire rotation.

It’s a simple way to earn rewards to lower the cost of maintenance, parts, and accessories for your Ford vehicle.

The more Points you bank, the more you save through the program.

FordPass Points to Dollars Calculator

Ford Pass Points to Dollars Calculator

Ford Pass Points to Dollars

Enter your Ford Pass Points:

Ford Pass Points Conversion Chart

Ford Pass Points Dollars
200 $1.00
500 $2.50
1,000 $5.00
5,000 $25.00
10,000 $50.00
20,000 $100.00
30,000 $150.00
45,000 $225.00
50,000 $250.00
75,000 $375.00
100,000 $500.00

Understanding FordPass Rewards Points

Joining the Program

If you want to join FordPass Rewards, all you need to do is sign up for a FordPass account. It’s not required for you to own a Ford vehicle.

After creating your account and accepting the terms and conditions, you’ll be automatically enrolled in FordPass Rewards.

Earning Points

You earn FordPass Rewards Points in a few different ways:

Purchasing or Leasing a New Ford Vehicle

When you choose to lease or decide to get a new Ford vehicle from a participating dealer and activate the FordPass Connect modem within 60 days, you’ll earn 42,000 Points (75,000 for diesel vehicles).

Even if your new vehicle doesn’t have a modem, you still earn Points by joining within 60 days of purchase.

Servicing Your Vehicle

Every time you have your vehicle serviced at a participating Ford dealer and pay for Ford, Motorcraft, or Omnicraft parts and labor, you earn 10 Points per $1 spent.

Special Offers and Promotions

Keep an eye out for special regional offers or limited-time promotions to earn extra Points.

You can also earn Points by using a FordPass Rewards Visa card.

 Redeeming Points

The best part about earning Points is getting to redeem them! You can use your Points toward any qualifying service, parts, or accessories at a participating Ford dealer.

You can also put them toward the purchase of a new Ford vehicle.

Points can be redeemed at any participating dealer, regardless of where you earned them. There’s no limit on how many Points you can earn or redeem.

Just remember that Points expire after 730 days of account inactivity.

Checking Your Balance

It’s easy to check your FordPass Rewards balance. Simply log into your FordPass account online or in the app. You’ll see your lifetime Points earned and available balance.

Your dealer can also look up your balance for you.


FordPass Rewards makes it easy to earn valuable Points and put them toward real savings. Whether you’re purchasing, servicing, or accessorizing your Ford vehicle, you can accrue Points to redeem when it’s time for your next service visit or parts purchase.

The program gives you flexibility to bank rewards from your Ford purchases and then benefit from those savings later on. Check your Point balance regularly, and redeem them strategically for maximum value. With FordPass Rewards, you get money back for being a loyal Ford owner

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