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Holden Cruze Code 82 [Meaning, Fix & Reset]

The Holden Cruze uses codes to indicate when there is a fault in the car’s computer system this can be anything from service required to engine fault codes.

Code 82 is one of the most common codes that you will see in the Holden Cruze. In this article, I am going to explain what Code 82 on a Cruze means and how you can fix it.

Let’s get to it.

Code 82 Meaning on a Holden Cruze

The quick answer is Code 82 on a Holden Cruze your engine oil life has expired. This means that it is time to change your engine oil and filter.

If you don’t, then your engine could suffer a premature failure or even seize up on the road which would be extremely dangerous and costly.

What Causes Holden Cruze Code 82

Now that you know what this code entails, let us look at what causes it and how to fix and reset code 82 on your Holden Cruze.

The main and only cause of this code is that your engine oil has reached its service life. This means that it needs to be changed out with new oil.

Engine oil is one of the most important fluids in your Cruze.

It lubricates, cools, and protects the internal parts from wear and tear during operation.

When it gets old and worn out, it can’t do its job properly anymore and will cause damage to your engine over time.

Unfortunately, engine oil does get dirty over time and needs to be replaced, that is why Holden has the service light come on to tell you that it is time for an oil change.

You will know when your oil needs changing because the service light will be illuminated on your dashboard and code 82 will be displayed in your driver’s display.

How to Fix and Reset Holden Cruze “Code 82”

In order to fix and reset code 82 on your Cruze, you will need to do an engine oil change first.

The service light is telling you that your engine needs oil and if you don’t change it, the damage will be irreparable.

You can either take your car to a mechanic or do it yourself but if you are going to do it yourself, make sure that you have all the right tools (more importantly the recommended oil & filter) and equipment before starting.

If you planning to DIY, here are the steps you need to take

1. Drain the Old Engine Oil and Add New Oil

You can use a drain pan to catch the oil. Use a wrench to unscrew the drain plug and let all the old oil flow into it.

Once this is done, screw back in your drain plug securely with another wrench.

2. Locate Your Engine Oil Filter

On a Holden Cruze, the oil filter is located on top of your engine near your radiator or somewhere near there.

You can easily spot it by looking for an orange cap or cover that has a hexagonal shape with a small hole in it.

Once you found it all you need to do is replace the filter with a new one. You can get this from your Holden dealer. local auto parts store or order it online.

3. Reset Code 82

  1. Turn the ignition to the “on” position but don’t start the engine.
  2. Depress the accelerator pedal fully three times within a five-second period.
  3. Turn off the ignition.
  4. This should reset the Code 82 warning system on your Holden.
  5. If you take your Cruze to a Holden Dealer, they will reset the service minder for you.

How to Prevent the Code 82 Warning on your Cruze

Finally, let’s look at how to prevent the code 82 warning from appearing on your Holden.

To do this, it is important that you regularly change the engine oil and filter at the recommended intervals.

It is recommended that you change your oil every 5 000 – 10 000 KM (3000-6000 Miles)

This will ensure that the engine has clean oil and is not contaminated with debris.

It will also help prevent the build-up of sludge and other contaminants in your engine.

I hope this article has helped you understand the code 82 warning and how to prevent it from appearing on your Holden Cruze.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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  1. How long after the code 82 comes on can I still drive the car when it’s booked for a service in 2 weeks

    1. Hi Virginia, Thanks for reaching out. It’s good that you booked the car for service. In the meantime, you can still drive a vehicle just don’t overdo it, synthetic oil can last a very long time.

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