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Honda B14 Service [What is Included Explained]

As an Auto tech, one of the most common questions I normally get from Honda owners is, what is B14 service, and what is included?

So I wrote this article to help the general public and Honda owners who are not familiar with this service. let’s get to it

What is Honda B14 Service?

In short, the B14 code on your Honda indicates a certain type of service that is due on your Honda.

each letter and number indicates a certain type of service that is due on your Honda, and when it needs to be done.

In this case, B14 means that the engine oil and filter timing belt needs to be replaced as well as routine tire rotation needs to be done.

Now, let’s look at what is included in the B14 Service

What Does Honda B14 Service Include?

Each letter and number on your Honda service minder indicates a certain task that needs to be performed in your vehicle in order to complete the service.

Now let us look at what is Included in the B14 service.

1. Engine Oil and Filter Change (B):

This is the most important part of the B14 service. It is recommended that you change your engine oil and filter every 7 500 miles or once a year.

This can help prevent premature wear on your engine components by providing lubrication and removing contaminants from combustion gases.

2. Tire Rotation (1):

This is another important part of the B14 service. It helps ensure that your tires wear evenly and are properly aligned.

Tire rotation can help save you money by extending the life of your tires and increasing their fuel efficiency.

3. Timing Belt Replacement (4):

The final thing that is included in the Honda B14 service is a timing belt replacement.

The timing belt on your Honda is responsible for keeping the camshaft and crankshaft in sync.

If it breaks or stretches too far, it can damage internal engine components which can be very expensive to repair driving your Honda too long without changing the timing belt can result in serious engine damage.

The Honda B14 service includes a timing belt replacement, which helps prevent this from happening.

Honda B14 Service Checklist

Task Complete?
Engine Oil change
Oil filter replacement
Tire rotation
Timing belt replacement

The Importance of B14 Service on a Honda

Although Honda cars have a proven record of being extremely reliable and durable, they still need to be serviced frequently to ensure they run smoothly all the time.

Let’s look at why you shouldn’t ignore the B14 service maintenance minder on your Honda.

Ensures Your Honda Runs Smoothly

A Honda B14 service is extremely important because it ensures your car is running smoothly at all times. If you don’t get the service done when you should, it could lead to bigger issues down the road including engine failure and costly repairs.

Higher resale value

When you get your Honda B14 service done, it will help maintain the quality of your car and increase its resale value.

This is especially important if you are planning to sell it any time soon. Doing all your services when due will ensure the vehicle holds value.

Maintains Warranty

Honda B14 services are important because they help maintain your warranty and ensure that you can get repairs done for free if something goes wrong with your car.

If you don’t get the service done when due, it could void your warranty and leave you with a hefty bill to pay.

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