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Mercedes Stop Vehicle Leave Engine Running [Fixed]

One of the most common problems with Mercedes I came across in my auto repair shop is the “Stop Vehicle, Leave Engine Running” warning.

The good news is, this is usually not a serious problem and can be fixed easily. In this article, I am going to explain what the “Stop Vehicle, Leave Engine Running” warning means and why it happens, and how to fix and reset the message.

What Does Stop Vehicle leave engine running mean on your Mercedes?

The simple answer is your Mercedes detected a low battery charge, either caused by a bad battery or a problem with the battery connections, and is telling you to leave your engine running so that it can keep the vehicle charged.

If you haven’t driven your Mercedes for some time, it is possible that the battery charge is too low since the battery tends to discharge over time when the car is stationary.

Now, let’s look at the main causes of “stop vehicle and leave the engine running”

Stop Vehicle Leave Engine Running Causes

1. Bad Battery

The most common cause of the stop vehicle and leave engine running message is a bad battery. This can happen if you don’t drive your Mercedes often enough or if the battery has simply reached the end of its useful life.

Mercedes batteries last anywhere from 3-5 years, and if yours is more than 3 years old, it’s a good idea to replace it. If you have the stop vehicle and leave engine running message, check the battery first before trying anything else.

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2. Weak Battery Needs Charging

If you recently changed the battery, then it’s likely that you haven’t been driving your Mercedes often enough to recharge it.

When you first install a new battery, it’s important to drive your car on a regular basis so that the alternator can charge up the battery again. If you don’t do this then the battery will not have enough power stored and discharge over time.

If your Mercedes is parked for several weeks, or if you don’t drive it often enough, then the battery may need to be recharged. I advise you to start your Mercedes and let it run on idle for a few minutes at least every two days when not in use.

3. Wrong Battery (Low amps)

If you have recently installed a new battery on your Mercedes, then it’s possible that the new battery is not powerful enough.

When choosing a new battery, make sure to get one with enough amps to start your Mercedes.

As an Auto technician, I often see people making the mistake of choosing a battery that doesn’t have enough amps.

This can cause you to be stuck on the side of the road with a low battery.

To find the right battery for your Mercedes model, I recommend going to the nearest Mercedes dealership or a store that specializes in car batteries. They will be able to help you find the right battery for your merc model.

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4. Battery Terminals:

Battery terminals must be tightly connected to the battery posts. If they aren’t, then your Mercedes battery won’t be able to get enough power from the alternator.

To make sure your battery terminals are connected properly, use a wrench to tighten both sides of the connection at the same time.

What Should You Do if You Get “Stop Vehicle Leave Engine Running” message

I recommend that you take you to replace your 12v battery on your Mercedes, you have three ways to go about doing that, here are your options:

1. Mercedes Dealership:

You can take your Mercedes to a Mercedes dealership, and they will replace it for you. This option comes at a cost but you can be sure that they will install a new battery with the correct specifications.

2. Auto Repair Shop:

You can take your Mercedes to an auto repair shop and have a qualified mechanic replace your battery. The technician should be able to install a new 12v battery with the correct specifications.

3. Do It Yourself:

You can do it yourself, and it is relatively simple as long you have the right tools and the correct battery size which you can find online for a fraction of the dealer cost.

How Long Should You Keep the Car Running after getting the Message?

After getting the” stop vehicle and leave the engine running ” message on your Mercedes, you should let the car idle for at least 15-40 minutes this will ensure the battery gets enough charge to ensure your merc functions properly.

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