"right dipped headlight" on an audi dash

Audi Right Dipped Headlight [Meaning & Fix]

If your Audi dashboard shows the warning message “Right headlight dipped,” you may be curious about its meaning and how to reset it.

As an experienced auto technician, In this article, I will share my knowledge of what this message means, its possible causes, and how to reset it. Let’s get to it.

What Does “Right Headlight Dipped” Mean on an Audi?

In short, “Right Headlight Dipped” means that the right-hand side headlight on your Audi has stopped working.

The headlights have sensors that detect when they’re on. When you turn on your car, and the headlights come on, they send a signal back to the vehicle’s computer that says which lights are working.

If one of the headlights fails, the dashboard will display this message.

What Causes the Audi’s “Right Dipped Headlight” Warning?

Now, that I have explained what this light means, let’s now look at the two most common causes of this warning.

1. Bad Headlight Bulb:

The most common cause of this warning is a bad right headlight bulb.

When the Headlight Bulb goes bad, it will not send the correct signal back to the vehicle’s computer.

This can cause a warning light to appear on your dashboard.

You can check if there is an issue with the bulb by swapping the left headlight bulb with the right one, and vice versa.

If the warning light goes away, then you know that it is a bad bulb.

2. Faulty Headlight Ballast:

If swapping the headlights does not fix the problem, then you may have a faulty ballast.

The headlight ballast on your Audi is an important part of the vehicle’s HID or LED lighting system.

It regulates the voltage of the headlights and ensures that they will work properly.

It provides the high voltage necessary to ignite the gas inside the HID and Xenon bulbs, and once the bulbs are lit, it continuously regulates the voltage to keep the light stable and prevent flickering or premature burnout.

If the Ballast fails it will cause your Headlight to go out, as a result, your Audi will display the “right dipped headlight” warning light.

How to Fix and Reset the Right Dipped Headlight Warning on Your Audi

Let’s now look at how to fix the warning light and reset it.

Replace the Bulb

If you swapped both bulbs and the right side headlight went on while the left headlight went off, then it proves that the issue is caused by a faulty bulb.

In this case, you will need to replace the faulty bulb (right side) on your Audi. However, as a mechanic, I recommend replacing both bulbs at once, as it will save you time and money in the long run.

Get a New Headlight Ballast

If you swapped both bulbs and the right side headlight remained off, then the ballast is definitely the culprit.

The only way to fix this issue is by replacing the ballast with a new one; however, be sure that you buy a genuine Audi part for this job so that it will last longer and not cause further problems.

You can get a new ballast at any Audi dealership, Online, or at a local auto store that deals with Audi’s

How to Reset the Light

After replacing the light bulb/ballast on your Audi resetting the message is simple.

In most cases, the “Right Dipped Headlight” message will automatically reset itself within a few minutes of turning on the ignition.

If it doesn’t, then you can manually reset the message by removing the battery cable from the car for a few seconds, then reconnecting it.

Even better if you have access to an onboard diagnostic scanner (OBD) then you simply plug it in and clear the code.

Doing this should reset the message, and you should no longer get a warning light on your dashboard.

How to Prevent the Warning Light from Coming Back

Lastly, let’s look at how to prevent the “right dipped headlight” faulty message from coming back.

If you have been driving with an old bulb that is almost burned out, or if you’re still using the original bulbs that came with your car when you bought it, then this will help prevent the warning light from coming back on.

Avoid water and dirt, as they can get inside the headlight and cause damage to the ballast and wiring.

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