service rsc now on a ford explorer

Service RSC Now Ford Explorer [What Does it Mean?]

As a feature, the Service Roll Stability Control system is designed to help prevent your vehicle from rolling over. If you are in a situation where you feel that you may lose control of your vehicle due to road conditions or

other factors, this system can help correct you’re driving and help keep you in control of your vehicle. But when the service rsc now error comes on it means the roll stability control is not functioning.

What does service RSC now mean on a Ford Explorer?

If you see the SERVICE RSC NOW message on your cluster, it means that your vehicle’s Roll Stability Control (RSC) system is not functioning correctly.

Roll Stability Control just like the hill descent control is designed to help prevent a rollover event by controlling the engine or braking force if the vehicle detects an impending rollover situation.

If this occurs, I recommend that you act immediately on this message by taking your vehicle to a repair center for service as soon as possible.

What is Roll Stability Control?

The roll stability control system is a feature that could be standard in some vehicles or optional in others. When you turn on your vehicle, the roll stability control system is designed to work with other systems in your car to help it handle better on the road.

The roll stability control system has sensors that are connected to your wheels, but also communicate with other parts of your car.

The sensors measure wheel speed and acceleration in order to determine if there’s any danger of a loss of traction. If there is, the system will apply the brakes on one or more wheels in order to prevent a skid.

Roll stability control systems are helpful because they can prevent any traction issues from happening even before they happen.

RSC this system could prevent you from skidding off the road entirely and into another vehicle or object.

What causes Ford Explorer’s “Service RSC Now” Message?

There are many reasons why you can see the message “Service RSC now”. It can be caused by many factors, but here are some of them:

  • A faulty control module. The control module is what monitors all of the other systems in your vehicle and determines whether or not you should be warned about an impending skid. If this fails, your stability control system won’t work properly either.
  •  Worn or damaged sensors. These sensors are used to monitor wheel speed, tire pressure, and brake pressure and determine when a loss of traction is imminent. If any of these sensors are damaged or worn out, they will not perform their functions properly.
  •  Faulty wiring is often the main cause of electrical problems in vehicles. Electrical problems usually manifest themselves as electrical shorts due to loose connections or corrosion from water damage or simply from age (corrosion tends to happen more quickly with older vehicles)

Can You Drive with RSC now light on?

Yes, it is safe to drive with the lights on. The only issue you might experience is that traction control or ABS might not function during an emergency stop. This is due to the RSC not being able to tell how much brake pressure is being applied by the driver.

The RSC light comes on when there is a problem with one of these components. Usually, it means that you need to take your vehicle in for service as soon as possible.

The RSC light will stay on until the system has been reset and it can detect that all components are working properly again.

How Do You Reset the RSC?

If your vehicle does not respond when you step on the brake pedal, the RSC system may need to be reset. This can happen if your vehicle has been driven on snow or ice-covered roads, or after driving on gravel roads or in heavy rains that cause water to enter into your braking system.

To reset the RSC:

  1. Turn off the engine.
  2.  Wait for 15 seconds after turning off the engine before proceeding with step 3. This allows for any powertrain components to fully disengage from the ignition circuit.
  3.  Press and hold down both of these buttons at the same time — Brake Pedal and Stop/Start Button — until you hear a chime or tone (about 5 seconds). This indicates that your Roll Stability Control has been reset.

If you are unable to reset your Roll Stability Control system by simply turning off your vehicle and starting it again, you have to go to your local dealership or mechanic shop as soon as possible so they can perform a full diagnostic test on your car’s computer system.




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