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Service Side Detection System [Meaning, Main Causes & Fix]

The “Service Side Detection System” fault message is one of the most common problems on GMC and Chevy vehicles, in fact research shows there was a recall on some of the models years due to the problem

In this article, I am going to explain what this message means on your vehicle and how to diagnose and fix the problem, let’s get to it.

What Does “Service Side Detection System” Mean?

Now, that I have explained what the side detection system is and how it works, now let’s look at what it means when you get a service side detection system on your GMC or Chevy.

In short, a service side detection system message means, your car has detected an issue with one of its side detection sensors or module and it needs to be serviced.

I will explain the main causes for this from working with many Chevy and GMC customers with a similar problems.

What Causes a Service Side Detection System Fault on a GMC?

Here are the main causes that I have found cause this problem:

1. Corroded Connector that Goes to the Side Detection Module:

I have found that the side detection module connection cable can become corroded over time due to exposure to water or salt. This causes an intermittent connection between the module and the car’s electrical system. The result is a “Service Side Detection System” warning message on your dashboard.

The first I recommend that you check when getting this message is all the connectors on the side detection module. They should be free of corrosion and not damaged in any way. If you find any corrosion or damage, replace them with a new connector harness on both sides.

Unfortunately, you will have to remove the bumper to get to the module, that is why I would advise you to take it to a GMC dealer if you are still covered under a warranty or to a qualified auto mechanic if you are not.

After you replace the connectors, you can test them by starting the car and turning on the ignition light.

2. Dirt/Dust Blocking Blind Spot Radar Sensors

Other than corroded sensors, there is also the possibility that dirt or dust could be blocking them. You can clean the sensors by using a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol or water with dish soap (only if you know what you are doing).

3. Damaged Side Detection Module Due to Water Damage

If you have been driving a lot in rainy weather or if your car has been submerged under water, it is likely that the side detection module was damaged by water. This is a very rare event but it does happen.

Once the water makes contact with the side detection module it can cause corrosion and damage, which will then cause the side detection system to malfunction.

If the module is damaged by water then you will replace it, unfortunately, these modules are hard to repair and they are relatively costly to replace.

How to Fix and Reset the “Service Side Detection System” Message?

The first thing I would advise you to do is, if you are still covered under warranty, take the vehicle to the nearest GMC or Chevy dealer, they should fix the problem for you at no extra cost since this is a common issue that GMC is aware of.

If you are not covered by warranty then you will have to pay for repairs, I recommended taking your car for a diagnostic/check-up first, this will help you know whether it’s the connecting harness that you need to replace or the module itself.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a GMC Service Side Detection System?

The cost of fixing and resetting the service side detection system will vary based on what is causing the problem.

The average cost is $500-1000 including both parts and labor.

If you are not under warranty and looking to cut down some costs then I recommend that you buy the parts online and have a qualified mechanic, replace them for you instead of going to the dealer route.

Here are the part numbers of the parts that you need to fix your GMC service side detection system:

  1. Connector Harness Part Number: 84004718
  2. Side Detection Module Part Number: 22960672
  3. Lubricant Dielectric Part Number:

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