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Trailer Battery Not Charging F150 [Main Causes & Fix]

You are driving your Ford F150, and suddenly there is a chime and a warning message on the dashboard saying, ‘Trailer Battery Not Charging, See Manual”

The chime and message keep coming back, especially when you use the brakes or turn lights.

So you wonder what is happening? You are not alone. Many Ford F150 owners experience this even when they are not using their trailer. So what is the issue?

If you have been experiencing the “Trailer Battery Not Charging” message, keep reading as I will tell you what it means, the possible causes, and how you can easily fix it. lets get to it.

Ford F150 “Trailer Battery Not Charging” Meaning

The warning message “Trailer Battery Not Charging” on your Ford F150 dashboard simply indicates that the battery you have installed in your trailer is not receiving any charge.

As I have mentioned earlier, this can be due to faulty connections, a faulty battery, and issues with the brake controller.

It may also be due to a programming problem. Below, I will explain these possible causes in detail.

Ford F150 Trailer Battery Not Charging Causes

In order to address the Trailer Battery Not Charging problem, you first need to establish the cause. Here are a few reasons why you may be getting the annoying message every 5 seconds:

Faulty Connections at the Brake Controller

For your trailer battery to receive charge, it must be connected properly to the brake controller. You want to start checking the small 7-pin connector that is between the trailer and the vehicle.

Be sure you don’t have any loose connections or damaged wires. If your connector is damaged, replace it and see if the problem is still there.

Note that even the smallest error in the connection can disrupt the normal charging process. So make sure the connection at the brake controller is good.

You Have a Faulty Battery or Brake Controller

Your battery may have degraded, and it is no longer taking charge as it should. Inspect it by checking the voltage levels and the level of liquid in it.

If you notice any issues with the battery, try replacing it with a new one to rule out problems with the battery.

If the battery is good, the issue may be with the brake controller. You should contact Ford for help or if the truck is still under warranty, take it to your mechanic to have the controller changed for free.

Faulty Connections at the Battery

This is another possible reason you are getting the Trailer Battery Not Charging message. You want to carefully examine the connections in the battery.

Look for any signs of corrosion on the terminals or damaged wires. Loose, damaged, or corroded wires and terminals will often hinder the charging process.

Make sure the connections are secure, clean, and free from any buildup such as corrosion. You can clean corroded terminals with battery terminal clean or baking soda and water.

Your Trailer Module has Issues

Another reason your trailer battery is not charging may be problems with your trailer module.

For certain 2015 Ford F150 trucks, drivers have reported getting a “Trailer Battery Not Charging”or “trailer connected then trailer disconnected” message on the dashboard.

If you also experience this, try reprogramming the TRM (Trailer Module) to the latest calibration. You want to use IDS version 96.01 and make sure you have a stable internet connection during the reprogramming process.

Reprogramming the TRM will update the module and possibly solve the issue.

Ford F150 Trailer Battery Not Charging | How to Fix

Here are 4 potential fixes to the Ford F150 “trailer battery not charging” issue:

Check for any blown fuses

It is important first to check if you have any blow fuses related to the trailer battery charging system. Your vehicle manual will come in handy here. Locate the fuse box and try identifying any blow fuses and replace them.

Reprogram the TRM

As I have mentioned above, the trailer module may have issues leading to you getting the warning message on your dashboard. So reprogramming the module could solve the issue.

Ensure you have IDS version 96.01 or a higher version installed on your programming device.

Connect your vehicle to the internet during the module programming process to acquire the latest updates. 

Try Reconnecting the Cables

Loose, faulty or damaged wires can cause the glitch. Make sure all the connections are securely connected and that there is no corrosion anywhere.

You can start inspecting the connections at the battery and then check the brake controller. Also, clean the battery terminals and re-connect the wires.

Doing this will eliminate potential problems caused by damaged or loose wires or even solve the issue.

Examine Your Brake Controller and Battery

It is also important to rule out faults in the brake controller itself or the battery. Check the voltage levels of your levels and make sure it is in good condition. Rule out a possibly faulty

battery by trying a new battery. Have Ford or your mechanic inspect the brake controller so they can determine it is what is causing the problem.

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