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Wrench Light Ford Explorer [Meaning & Causes]

Many Ford Explorer enthusiasts appreciate all the high-tech features and facilities though they miss out on the wrench dashboard light. The wrench light might be confusing due to its close similarity with the check engine light.

The short answer is, The wrench light on Ford Explorer means the computer has detected a problem within the powertrain and four-wheel-drive system. The warning light can restrict the car’s performance if ignored.

The wrench dash light is available on AWD and 4WD Ford Explorer. Do not panic when the indicator light appears since it cannot cause significant problems or expensive repairs since it could be due to a minor issue.

This article provides a detailed insight into the meaning and causes of wrench light on Ford Explorer. If you are clueless about the wrench dash light, you have come to the right page. Let me explain further.

What Does Wrench Light Means on Ford Explorer?

The wrench dash light means that the Ford Explorer computer has detected a problem within the four-wheel-drive system and powertrain.

The malfunction warning might lead to severe problems if ignored.

The built-in warning light system works in harmony with the sensors to detect problems within the engine and alert the driver. These issues cannot lead to significant problems or expensive repairs if handled on time.

The wrench dash light usually triggers the fault code encryption in the computer system memory. I recommend taking your Ford Explorer to an authorized dealership to retrieve the codes.

Ignoring the wrench dash light could result in a damaged engine, transmission, and driveshaft on your Ford Explorer. The error code extraction will help determine the underlying cause for easy fixing.

What Causes Wrench Light on Ford Explorer?

A wrench light on Ford Explorer appears on the dashboard screen due to various reasons.

It can be due to something simple or complex though I recommend extracting the codes (obd scanner) to determine the potential causes. Here are the possible causes of the wrench dash light on your Ford Explorer:

Due Oil Change

Ford Explorer models require engine oil replacement every three months. The wrench dash light alerts the owner that the oil change service is due. Changing the oil in a Ford Explorer usually takes thirty minutes from an authorized dealer.

Overused oil contains debris that might damage your engine in the long run. Ignoring the indicator light might lead to expensive engine replacement costs. If you take a quick oil change service, the mysterious dash light will disappear.

Wiring Issue

Modern Ford Explorer cars have high-tech features and facilities with a wiring network for smooth operations. Unfixed or loose wires might trigger the wrench dash light on your Ford Explorer.

Visit a nearby Ford dealer to help extract the fault codes and fix the loose wires on your vehicle. A complete circuit network will enhance power transmission within the vehicle and eliminate the warning dash light.

Throttle Issues

A throttle problem can also trigger a wrench dash light on Ford Explorer. The warning light might flash when starting the engine or illuminate when parking.

Throttle issues are due to excess carbon accumulation in the system. The dirt usually interferes with the throttle plate movements that disturb the wrench dash light.

Battery Problem

A bad charging system or A low car battery can also trigger a blinking wrench dash light in your Ford Explorer. I recommend inspecting the battery connections and cleaning the terminals to encourage charging.

If the battery is messed up or damaged, consider replacing it with a new one. A charged battery will help eliminate the wrench light in your Ford model.

You do not need assistance from a mechanic to change the battery since the process takes less than five minutes.

Transmission Issues

The transmission issue is another reason that causes the wrench light to turn up on the Ford dashboard. The wrench dash light will show up randomly and affect the vehicle’s performance or operation.

Take your Ford Explorer to an authorized dealer for examination and repair.

My Thoughts

The wrench light pop-up is a common phenomenon among Ford Explorer owners. I recommend not ignoring the warning light since it could be a significant issue that affects the car’s performance.

I hope this information helped you identify the exact reasons for the wrench light turning up in your Ford Explorer. Feel free to share your experiences with us in the comment section or via the contact us page.






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