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Audi S5 V8 Problems [How Realiable are these B8s?]

The Audi S5 V8 is one of the best coupes in the world, not just all Audis. 

It is powered by a 4.2-liter naturally aspirated V8 engine that outputs 354 Hp and 440 Nm of torque, which is pretty good for a compact two-door coupe and 4 door Sportback.

Although the V8 had been discontinued after 2012 in favor of the v6 on the b8.5, its timeless design and powerful engine made it one of the most sought-after models in the world.

If you drive an Audi S5 V8 or looking for one, this article will come in handy because I am going to go through the common problems with the b8 Audi s5 let’s jump to it.

Is the B8 S5 reliable?

The 4.2l V8 FSI is one of the most reliable motors from Audi it’s not uncommon for them to last 180000 miles (300 000 km) before needing any major work done.

The B8 S5 is very reliable and can easily be used as a daily driver or for long road trips.

Audi S5 V8 Common Problems

Carbon Build Up

Carbon build-up is a common problem with direct injection engines, the Audi S5 V8 included.

The engine uses fuel injection directly into the combustion chamber of each cylinder for better performance and efficiency.

However, this causes carbon buildup on the valves and pistons, which reduces power and fuel consumption.

Worn Control Arm Bushings

The control arm bushings are located at each end of each control arm connecting it to both upper and lower control arms on your vehicle’s suspension system and providing a solid connection between these components

so that they operate smoothly together during cornering maneuvers or other types of sudden movements by your car’s suspension system

during normal driving conditions like rough road surfaces or bumps etc, After a while, the Audi s5s are prone to worn control arm bushings.

If you notice that your car seems to be pulling one way or another when making turns, then chances are that one or both control arm bushings needs.

High-Pressure Fuel Pumps Failure

Having a high-pressure fuel pump failure while driving your Audi S5 V8 is a major problem that could cause serious damage to your car if not repaired immediately.

These pumps are designed to supply high-pressure fuel to the injectors so they can inject fuel into your engine properly.

If this fails, then fuel will not be delivered into the cylinders, and your engine will misfire or will stop running until it can be repaired properly by a mechanic at an auto repair shop near you. On average, the HPFP Fails at around 120 000 miles (200 000 km).

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Oil Filter Housing gasket leak:

Another common Audi S5 V8 problem is an oil filter housing gasket leak. When these housing gaskets get bad, oil starts to leak and you will notice the oil coming from the front of the engine.

fortunately, this also happens over time and as part of wear and tear, the seals themself are not expensive only labor will come at a cost.

Valve Cover Gasket:

This issue is also known as a valve cover leak or valve job leak because it involves replacing the valve cover gasket between the camshafts and heads on your engine.

It’s possible for this problem to occur without causing any problems in your vehicle at all, however, if left untreated it could lead to serious damage if not corrected immediately.

Bad Motor Mounts:

Since these V8 engines are so heavy, over time they affect the mountings, fortunately, the mounts themselves have sensors that will be able to detect a problem when it occurs.

If a bad motor mount has been detected, then you will receive a check engine light on your dashboard that will alert you to the issue.

A bad motor mount is a problem that may cause your car to shake when you apply the brakes or accelerate from a stop. The front end of your car may also bounce up and down as you drive along.

Fuel Economy:

Let’s face it since this is a sports car with a naturally aspirated V8 engine, you’re not going to get great gas mileage. The claimed MPGs from Audi is 19 combined city/highway MPG, I personally Average a combined mpg of 20 with this vehicle.


The B8 Audi s5 is a very special car with a great-sounding v8 and plenty of speed and comfort that is the reason I drive this car every day.

I hope this article clarified the common issues with the v8 s5. these are from personal experience and research.

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  1. I’m looking at a 2009 s5 v8. Read your article very helpful. It has 140k miles I will purchase an extended warranty

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