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Haval H6 Problems [Common Issues Explained]

GWM Haval H6 is one of the most sought-after SUVs on the market right now mainly due to its competitive pricing, and luxurious look, feel, and smart safety systems and tech like the best in-class 360 view camera, but what issues do you need to be aware of before looking at one?

In this article, we look at the Haval H6 and H6 GT common problems, let’s jump to it

Haval H6 Overview

The Haval H6 is a mid-size SUV produced by the Chinese automaker Great Wall Motors.

It was introduced in 2011 and has since been offered in many different body styles, including the latest GT SUV Coupe.

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Haval H6 Problems

Below-average fuel Consumption:

This is expected from a large car like this one with an engine that produces 202 hp and 325 Nm of torque. The car is also heavy, which makes matters worse for fuel consumption.

But despite all these factors, we believe there is still room for improvement with regard to the car’s efficiency rating.

Haval claims the average fuel consumption for the h6 is 6.8l/100km but most owners claim the minimum average fuel consumption they get is 11l/100km.

which is a lot more than claimed and when compared to competitors, this puts H6 at the wrong end.

Bad Sound System Overall

I understand that most people would not expect great sound quality from a vehicle like this one but I think there could be more effort put into providing better audio equipment for customers who want it.

The 8 speaker sound system is not good at all and there is no option for an upgraded sound system. The audio quality is very poor, especially when playing music from a phone or other device, and this makes it hard to enjoy the drive.

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The informative system has a learning curve:

The main screen in the H6 is a touchscreen, and it’s not like most car infotainment screens.

It’s more like the massive touchscreens on Android phones, complete with a back button at the bottom.

The problem is that it’s a bit confusing to use at first because there are so many menus and submenus.

Everything is controlled through the touch screen including the climate control, although it looks great and offers a lot of information, it takes a bit of getting used to.

DCT transmission Feels clunky:

The H6 has a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT) that is supposed to be more efficient than other transmissions.

It’s also supposed to be smoother and more refined.

However, many owners complain that it feels clunky and jerky at times, especially when you are accelerating gently or in stop-and-go traffic. It seems like the car hesitates before it actually starts moving.

Limited aftermarket support:

There are very few aftermarket parts for the H6, and those that do exist can be very expensive much more so than on other cars of this price range.

So if something breaks down or wears out prematurely on your H6, you may be stuck paying full price for replacements.

Seat Lack Leg Support:

The front seats lack leg support which makes it difficult for tall people like me (I’m 6.5 feet) when driving long distances and you may feel discomfort after a few hours of driving.

For shorter people, this will not be an issue but if you are tall and prefer leg support on the sit then you may find this a problem.

How Reliable is Haval H6?

H6 are generally reliable vehicles with fewer engine issues. but there have been some issues with the transmission and chassis than the engine itself, which is why Haval is offering a 5-year /100 000 km warranty on the vehicle.


11 thoughts on “Haval H6 Problems [Common Issues Explained]”

  1. I have an H6. Six months into owning the vehicle, the battery gave issues, 2 months later the engine failed and had to be replaced. Now the current issue after the car was returned to me after 2 months, the transmission is giving issues. I took the vehicle for assessment immediately after the first incident and was told it was software issues and the software was updated and the issue was resolved. Two days later the car refused to engage into gear and there was a fowl burning rubber smell. On closer inspection if found oil leaking out the rear exhaust box. The car is currently been towed by the AA to nearest Haval center. Very frustrated with a car that has only 19 000kms on the clock and 1y2mths old.

    1. Hey Mark, I’m sorry to hear about the issues you’ve been experiencing with your H6. It’s frustrating to have problems with a new car, and even more so when the dealership isn’t able to resolve them. It sounds like you’ve been through a lot with this vehicle, and I can understand why you’re frustrated. If you have any questions, you would like me to help you with, let me know and I am happy to help.

      The honest mechanic

      1. How do you stop the sirverty of pulling the car up when on cruise control while driving the highway with a slight bend in the road?

  2. I have a 2020 Haval H6 which has a major power loss problem. Taking off from traffic lights or cruising under moderate acceleration it will just “die”, not totally but returns to an idle and limited drive, like 20 kmh. This is very dangerous and will eventually result in a rear end collision. It has been back to the dealer on numerous occasions since new (now done 24000 km) but they say they can’t get it to fail so don’t know what to fix. I am not a mechanic but feel the problem is in the fly by wire mechanism or an intermittent fault with a sensor. I am at a loss as to what to do as the dealership in my town has little interest in buying it back. I am awaiting a reply from GWM Australia before I escalate the issue further.
    Anyone else had a similar issue?

  3. No issiues mechanically so far . Haval H6 hybrid. The one issue we seem to have is that outgoing calls are very soft for the person receiving the call

  4. I brought a Haval H6 Hybrid 6 months ago brand new, everything I’m on cruise control travelling 100km and I go on a little bend it brakes so hard and my car goes from 100km straight down to 74km that is so dangerous, I have the latest software and the mechanics don’t know how to fix the problem is there a sensor that I can disconnect or cover to stop this from happening before it kills my family plzz

  5. I own a H6 , just had new drive shaft fitted but the horrid noise when I turn right hand corners is still there /
    Any ideas ?
    My auto transmission guy is scratching his head .
    Been in shop 2 weeks
    Regards Tracey

  6. Just bought a preowned GWM H6. Almost a month ago and the battery is playing up especially in the morning. It’s failing to start until jump started. Looks like the battery size is too small for the task. Used a larger battery from another truck.

  7. Afternoon I Haval H6 2019 model with the rumbling noise when slowing down or coming to a stop what can be the problem or where does the noise coming from

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