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Chev Utility Common Problems [5 Known Issues Explained]

The Chev utility is a small bakkie (Minivan) by Chevrolet also known as a chevy tornado, this bakkie is known for its impressive fuel economy, practicality, and reliability but it can be prone to certain problems.

This article will go through the most common issues with the Chevy Utility

Common Chev Utility Problems

From my experience as an Auto Tech, here are the most common issues with these cars:

1. Failing Fuel Pump:

The fuel pump in these vehicles is known to fail prematurely. This can be caused by a faulty fuel pump relay, damaged wiring, or even poor-quality fuel.

The fuel pump (also referred to as a petrol pump) is responsible for pumping fuel from the tank to the engine. If it fails it can cause the vehicle to lose power, fail to start or even misfire when driving.

2. Idle control Sensor Malfunction:

Another common issue with these bakkies is a failing idle sensor, the idle control sensor is a sensor that monitors the engine’s idle speed.

If it fails, this can cause the vehicle to jump at idle or run rough when idling. The symptom usually appears as stalling and/or rough running when you accelerate from a standstill.

3. Failing Temperature Switch

The third common problem with the chev utility vehicle is a failing temperature switch. The temperature sensor is a small component located on the engine.

It monitors the engine’s temperature and sends a signal to the ECU which then adjusts fuel delivery to compensate for overheating. If it fails, this can cause the vehicle to overheat and shut down while driving.

4. Damaged Head Gasket

Now, It is important that this rarely happens when the vehicle is still new, usually, I have seen head gasket failure around 150 000 -200 000 KMs (93 205 -124 274 Miles).

The head gasket is a vital component in the cooling system of the vehicle.

It seals between the engine block and cylinder head, preventing any coolant or oil from leaking into each other. If it fails due to age or wears and tear, this can cause overheating issues.

5. Vacuum Leaks

Vacuum leaks are another common issue reported by owners, and this can be caused by a bad intake manifold gasket, which is the part of the engine that allows air to flow into the engine.

If it fails or is not properly sealed, there will be a vacuum leak. This is a rare occurrence on these bakkies but it does happen especially with the petrol variants.

How Reliable is the Chevy Utility?

Other than these common problems, I would say these bakkies are reliable and durable. They are very simple and easy to maintain, and if you do have a problem with one of these models, the parts are not as expensive as other vehicles on the market.

How Long Do Chevrolet Utility Last?

They can easily last 150 000- 300 000 km before any major work needs to be done.

They are built with a traditional design so they do not have many electronic components that can malfunction or break down.

Based on my personal opinion as a qualified mechanic, the Chevrolet Utility is great for anyone who is looking for a reliable vehicle that will last them a long time without costing too much money.

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  1. i change the clutch on my 2013 cheve utillity and now it doesin whant start just swinning what can be the problem

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