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Reduce Oil Level Mercedes [Message Causes & Fix]

If you recently did an oil change service or topped up your Mercedes engine oil and now you getting the dreaded “engine oil level, reduce oil level” on your dashboard and wondering what this means, why it comes up and how to fix the problem, then this article is for you read on.

What Does “Reduce Oil Level” Mean on a Mercedes

Whether you drive an A class, C-class, or an S class the meaning is the same. The ” engine oil level -reduce oil level” is a warning light that is triggered when the ECU detects that the engine oil level is too high.

Your Mercedes uses sensors to check the engine oil level and if it is too high then the warning light comes on. It is important to reduce engine oil levels as soon as possible because overfilling your engine may cause damage.

What Causes the Mercedes Reduce Oil Level Warning?

Based on my experience there are a few things that could trigger this warning message. Here are the most common causes:

1. Unintentionally overfilled the engine oil:

The most common cause for this is if you just had your oil changed and you topped off the oil level after driving home.

This is a common mistake as many people think that they have to fill the engine with more than what’s recommended.

The truth is that unless your mechanic says otherwise, always leave some space between the upper limit of your engine’s oil capacity and the actual level when filling it up. The main reason is that once the engine is hot, the oil will expand.

2. Faulty Oil Level Sensor:

If you haven’t done any oil changes or oil top-up recently, then chances are, your Mercedes oil level sensor is bad and giving false readings.

You can check this by checking the oil level with a dipstick and comparing it with what your dashboard is saying. If they don’t match, then you need to get the sensor replaced

An Oil level sensor is a small component that measures the actual level of your engine’s oil and sends this information to your dashboard so it can display an accurate reading.

How to Fix and Reset the Reduce Oil Level Message on a Mercedes?

The first thing that you should do is check to actual oil level using a dipstick and if it is above the maximum level then you will need to reduce it, you can simply do this by locating your oil pan under your Mercedes or as any professional mechanic to do that for you (simple and straight forward).

If the oil level is within the required limits but you still get the reduce oil level then it’s time you replace the oil level sensor on your Mercedes, the sensor itself is not expensive but labor can be.

To get the sensor replaced you can either take your Merc to the nearest dealer or you can take it to a mechanic that specializes in Mercedes vehicles.

What happens if you put too much oil in a Mercedes?

As a mechanic, I often say too little is better than too much when it comes to engine oil, the reason behind this is too much oil will put a lot of pressure on your Mercedes crankshaft and the camshaft which can cause damage to the engine.

Too much oil will also cause the oil pressure light to come on and stay on until you reduce it back to normal levels.

Signs of Too Much Oil in a Mercedes

Here are other signs of too much oil in your Mercedes:

  1. Intense engine oil burning smell
  2. Engine Smoke
  3. Smoke from the Exhaust
  4. Signs of Oil Leaks
  5. Hesitation when accelerating

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