problems with gwm p series bakkie

GWM P Series Problems [Common Ute Issues Explained]

The P-series is a Great Wall Motors finest pickup truck first introduced in 2019, This Double cab is also known as GWM Poer and GWM Ute.

This pickup is specially designed for people who want a tough truck but at the same time, they need a comfortable ride.

I must admit in this price range, the Ute/P-series is probably the best in class; however, just like any other car brand, P series does have its fair share of problems; here are the most common issues:

GWM P Series Problems

Keyless Entry Malfunction:

On some P series, the keyless entry tends to malfunction after some time. The car doesn’t recognize the key, and it doesn’t unlock or lock the doors.

Fortunately, this happens sometimes, and it is just a matter of restarting the car. If this doesn’t work, then you need to open the door and lock it again manually; this should fix the issue.

Weaker Aircon Air Flow:

The air conditioner in the GWM P-series is not that strong, especially on the driver’s side, so you will have to put up with hot weather for most of your journey; opening up your windows a bit will help with the problem.

Average Windshield Glass Used:

This is a very obvious issue with all GWM vehicles, the average windshield glass used in the manufacturing process is not up to par.

As a result, you will find that there are cracks and chips on the windshields of your double cab this happens over time.

Fuel Economy not that great:

As mentioned above, the fuel economy of this car is good but not as good as we expect from it. I have heard many complaints about this issue from other owners too.

I must say for a 4X4 that is expected but it is not.

The car has a great engine and it does really well on the road, but when it comes to using that power for fuel economy, things are not that good!

GWM claims an average fuel economy of 9.4L/100km, but after doing some research, most owners were getting 10-12L per 100km fuel economy.

Aftermarket Parts Support

One of the biggest issues with owning a P series is that there isn’t as much aftermarket support for this vehicle as there would be for other models.

This means that if something goes wrong with your vehicle, you may not be able to get parts easily, and you will likely need to go to the dealer and might be expensive because they are made specifically for this model.

Towing Heavy Loads on Hot Days

When towing heavy loads on hot days, many owners have reported that their vehicle engine temperature rises to an unsafe level, and they need to stop and let the engine cool down before they can continue.

GWM P Series Reliability

Although the P series Bakkie has been on the market for less than 3 years, after doing a lot of research, surveys, checking what other owners are saying, and using my experience as a mechanic.

The P series is surprisingly reliable, and only a few issues have been recorded, and I am about to list those issues too. A few owners are yet to cross the 100 000km (62 137 miles) that crossed had major issues yet.

The Engine and Gearbox are as solid as it gets, it comes with a 2.0-liter turbodiesel that produces 160 Hp and 400 Nm of torque paired with a ZF 8-speed transmission.


My Thoughts on the P Series

The P series is one of the best Doubles cabs on the market for the price, you get a lot of things as standard and when you upgrade to the LT package you get even more.

The P series is a solid workhorse; the only downside is that it doesn’t have as much power as some other trucks in its class, and if you tow heavy loads on hot days, then this could be a problem for you.

Overall the power is decent and has a 5-star safety rating. so far proven to be reliable with a few issues mentioned above.




12 thoughts on “GWM P Series Problems [Common Ute Issues Explained]”

  1. My P-series 4×4 Luxury 2022,13000 km ,4 months old.
    I am located in the Northern Cape and drive lot of gravel road.
    Today near Barkly Wes on gravel road i lost control .
    After specialist guy inspect my bakkie,they tell me my shocks is in poor condition.
    What is the way to sort this problem

    1. Hey Willie, sorry to hear that, looking at the low mileage I assume you are still covered under warranty and I would advise you to take your P series to the dealer. I agree shocks do wear out quicker when driving on gravel due to the bumps but with such low mileage that shouldn’t be the case with yours. All the Best, let me know if you have any questions for me. Happy to help!

  2. Good day

    I would like to find out if anyone else with a GWM P-series experiences any problems with mice in the engine compartment. I have had issues for the past year and have been unable to get rid of it after trying everything, from rat traps, poison, sunlight soap, peppermint, cement and peanut butter traps, leaving the bonnet open to remove the warmth etc. they just seem to return every time.

    I am thinking that there may be something that doesn’t switch off, emitting frequencies that attract them. We have no issues with any other of our vehicles.

    If anyone could please advise us as to what the cause of this may be or if it can be avoided in anyway, I will be much appreciated.

    Kind regards

  3. My Handbrake knob broke under 40 000 kms and I was told it’s not covered and made to pay R4000 to replace it.Could this be alright?
    It seemed to me it is just a premature failure.

    1. If your car is still under warranty the is no need to pay money, I just had a very same problem and the dealer has just replaced the handbrake knob for free. They must payback your money as soon as possible!!

  4. Hi! I drive a gwm single cab steed 5 2.2 when i shift gears to 2 5 there is a screeching sound during the drive and the mechanic tells me that the gearbox is a problem! Please help

      1. Hi my name is Lemmy my Ute is 23000km now but 2 days ago it started giving me challenges. When I start it, it clicks and not starting

  5. I Have a p series LT. It’s had intermittent starting issues. The dealership has no idea and are clueless. Eventually tonight took the family for dinner. Had to leave the vehicle in the parking lot and get a lift home. Hope it’s stolen by the morning. And tow truck driver doesn’t know how to get it into neutral to drag the pos on the flat bed. Any ideas

  6. Hi.
    I bought my P SERIES Lt double cab just over a year ago. It had a previous owner and it only had 8000km on the clock. I had the unpleasant experience of having my tank filled with petrol soon after taking ownership of the car. I had only driven 400m and felt a knock from the engine which didn’t feel right. I pulled over immediately and had the car towed to the dealership. All the necessary components were replaced by the gwm dealership to conform to the warranty requirements. This took forever, as there are very few parts available in the country (Cape Town SA). Once the car had eventually been repaired, I drove the car for 7 months with no issues. I went on vacation, and along the way the fuel supply pipe from the filter to the engine came loose. I had to do an emergency repair as we were out of range from any gwm service providers. The repair worked and continued driving on. After filling up at the next filling station the engine warning light came on. After returning home, the car was booked into the dealership. The pipe was replaced and all seemed okay. For the last eight months I have been back to the dealership 21 times for the same issue. Numerous components have been replaced, but the issue still persists. I don’t know what else to do???

  7. Hi there mate. My P SERIES wont start. It turns ON but wont turn over and makes a ‘clank’ sound fdom the engine instead of turning over and running

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