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Haval H2 Problems [Common Issues Addressed]

Haval H2 is a midsized CUV by GWM (Great Wall Motors) it is designed for those who are looking for SUV capabilities at the fraction of an SUV price.

It is powered by a 1.5L turbocharged engine that delivers 140 HP and 210 Nm, which is enough to get you around town or on the highway.

The H2 is considered value for money but it does its issues and I am going to cover them in this article.

What Engine is in a Haval H2?

The Haval H2 is equipped with a turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 110 kW and 210 Nm of torque, channeled through a six-speed automatic transmission with the option to get a manual.

Haval H2 Problems

Engine is underpowered

The Haval h2 is equipped with a 1.5l turbocharged engine that outputs 140 horsepower and 210 nm considering how much this car weighs, the H2 is underpowered often hear owners complain about the same issue.

The car can barely get up to speed and if you want to pass someone on a highway, you will have to put your foot down on the gas pedal for a few seconds before it can kick in.

Most owners of Haval h2 end up installing a performance chip to increase the performance.

Below Average Fuel Consumption

The Haval h2 is a very thirsty car, with a fuel consumption of 9.3 liters per 100km, and usually peaks around 13l/100km when doing a lot of city driving.

This means that you will be spending more money on fuel than you intended.

Turbo Lag

Another common issue with the Haval h2 is the turbo lag, this happens when the AC is on and other owners complain about the same issue.

The turbo lag is a delay in the throttle response, which means that when you step on the gas pedal, the car takes a few seconds to respond. This makes overtaking slower and not a great option to take.

The vehicle feels Sluggish

This is the most common problem that owners of the Haval H2 face. The engine is slow to rev and the vehicle does not accelerate as quickly as one would expect from a car with a powerful engine.

If you feel your Haval H2 is sluggish, it may be due to a clogged fuel injector or dirty air filter. Dirty spark plugs may also cause this problem.

It does happen even when the vehicle is still relatively new.

Doors Feel Heavy

The doors of the GWM Haval h2 are heavy and difficult to open and close. The problem is due to the design of the hinges, which are made from plastic.

This means that they cannot support the weight of the door properly, resulting in a difficult-to-open door.

This makes it more likely to slam the door shut, which can damage the hinges.

Battery Failure when a Tracker is Installed

The GWM Haval H2 comes with a built-in tracking device. which means that it can interfere with the battery.

After the second year of ownership, the battery life of the GWM Haval H2 drops significantly.

This is because the tracker uses a lot of power. When it’s installed, the vehicle will only last for about an hour before needing recharging.

Tight Steering Caused by Steering Pump/Battery

The steering pump is responsible for providing power to the wheels of the GWM Haval H2. If it fails, this can result in a tight steering wheel.

This means that it takes more effort to turn than normal.

The problem may also be caused by a bad battery, which requires replacement. Unfortunately, this is a common issue on these vehicles, and there are a lot of other owners who reported experiencing the same problem

How Long Do Haval H2’s Last?

Haval H2s are expected to last anywhere between 120 000km (74 000 miles) and 250 000 Km (155 000 miles) before they start to show signs of wear and tear.

Obviously, this will vary depending on the type of driving that you do, how well you take care of your vehicle and what kind of roads you drive on.

Final Thoughts

These are the common issues with Haval H2, fortunately, Haval does offer a 5-year/100 000 Km warranty on its vehicles.

So, if you are experiencing any of the above problems, contact your local Haval dealer for more information about your warranty and repairs.

13 thoughts on “Haval H2 Problems [Common Issues Addressed]”

  1. My wife’s h2 the engine check light just come on last time they did this they put another engine in it
    About the same kms the light has come on again

  2. I have a 3.5 yo H2 Naval.
    It has been a very good reliable car (5sd manual) , Just rolled over 50,000km.
    No problems just poor service from Werribee Haval.
    I asked them to replace the gear box oil and twice they put the wrong oil in it…….
    It is not a performance machine and fuel economy is 7-8 L per 100k.
    Auto trans is not a good option in these under powered cars….

  3. I am having the “usual” steering problem with the Haval. To be quite honest, this is by far the worst car I have ever driven in my life. You would be better off on a donkey.

  4. I have a 2021 H2 haval still under warranty, it’s currently sitting at a local dealer waiting for a report on what’s wrong. The issue I expirenced is that my turbo stopped kicking in several weeks go I called multiple dealers when the check engine light came on and the car has lost significant power I can’t get speed up to 100km and it slows right down on the slightest incline in the road. I had to keep driving ( it was just serviced) and on my last drive white smoke was pouring out ( no over heating coolant and oil perfect levels) and the car struggled to gain any speed and jerked a bit trying to get it the 2min to my place. The haval service places are being assholes won’t look at the car for a month. They are also trying to say its had bad servicing ( without looking at it mind you). I need to know if anyone else has had this happen and if the turbo is included in regular servicing. Any information or advise would be extremely appreciated

      1. Hi l had same issue, first l was told oxygen sensor picked up my car and two days later same issue
        Haval Sth Morang very rude unprofessional. Took car back and was told it would take days to find out what was wrong. Told it was a crack in the turbo gasket. Pat came in late, couldn’t get a hire car until l got onto head office. The remark l got from one of the mechanics was so your going to shitcan me and you still want me to fix your car when l said l would complain about the service
        Picked car up still lagging.
        What else can be done?

  5. I have a Haval H2 1.5T Luxury A/T 2019 Model. The problem I have is the next warning signs:
    1. Tyre Sensor comes on for Left Rear Tyre (Shows 0 bar & 0 degrees celcius)
    2. Key Not in Car Warning (but it is in the car near the Start Button)
    3. Valid Key Not Found Warning (but it is in the car near the Start Button)
    4. Key Battery Low (but it is in the car near the Start Button)

    My Kilos on car now is 96 596km
    I did take my car to the nearest Haval dealership & the did change the remotes batteries but they don’t find any errors on car with computer so can someone please help me!!!

    1. Hi Shanel, i feel your frustration, im driving a Haval H2 City 1.5T, this is the worst car I have driven,
      1. Clutch broken every 30 000km
      2. Tyre sensor always on ,the Dealer can’t find the problem
      3. Gear number 2 very hard
      4. Now new problem, when driving up hill it loses power and engine light flashing until down hill.

      I first loved the car but now I really won’t recommend it to anyone. Just waiting for the next problem.

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