Holden cruze dashboard showing code 79

Holden Cruze Code 79 [Meaning & How to Reset]

In this article, I am going to explain what code 79 means on your Holden Cruze, and how to reset it. without wasting any more time let’s get to it.

Holden Cruze Code 79 Meaning

In short, the code 79 coming on your Holden Cruze dash is a maintenance alert indicating that you need to change the oil and oil filter.

Fresh clean engine oil is crucial for the proper lubrication of your Holden Cruze engine, and the filter helps remove dirt particles from the oil before they can reach your engine’s moving parts and cause damage.

Importance of Oil and Oil Filter Change on a Holden Cruze

Now, that you know what code 79 means on your Holden Cruze, I wanted to touch on why this is critical for the performance and longevity of your vehicle.

As a mechanic, I often see people that don’t change their oil and filters as often as they should, or worse yet, never at all. This can lead to premature wear of engine components and even catastrophic failure.

1. Engine Oil

Engine oil is what keeps the moving parts of your Holden Cruze lubricated so they can move smoothly without friction.

This helps reduce wear and tear on your engine over time, which can save you money in repairs down the road.

Oil also helps prevent corrosion by providing a barrier between metal surfaces in contact with each other.

The Engine oil is also responsible for cooling some engine components on your Holden Cruze Cruze by carrying away heat from the engine.

This helps prevent premature wear in your Holden Cruze engine and keeps it running at a consistent temperature.

2. Oil Filter

The Oil filter goes hand in hand with the engine oil. An oil Filter is responsible for removing contaminants from the engine oil, which can help prevent premature wear.

A dirty oil filter will not only limit the number of contaminants that can be removed, but it also slows down the flow of oil through your Holden Cruze engine.

It is important to remember that every time you change the motor oil in your Holden Cruze, it is also important to change the oil filter as well.

This will ensure that you are not only using a fresh supply of clean motor oil but are also removing any contaminants that may have been trapped in your existing filter.

How to Fix and Reset Code 79 on a Holden Cruze

Now that we’ve gone over what code 79 means, let’s talk about how to fix and reset it so the check engine light goes away from your Holden’s dash.

In order to reset the code you will need to change the oil and oil filter before it can go away.

There are three ways to go about doing that, you can either take your Holden Cruze to Dealer, or independent mechanic, or Do it Yourself (DIY).

The first option is the easiest, but it will be more expensive than the other two.

You can simply take your car to a dealership or independent mechanic and have them reset the code for you.

While this is the easiest way to go about it, it’s also going to be one of the most expensive options as well.

The DIY option oil change will cost less than taking your Holden Cruze in for professional service but requires you to have the right tools and know-how.

Fortunately, from personal experience, it is relatively easy to change the oil and filter on your Holden Cruze

DIY Approach

If you are going to it yourself, here is an overview of what needs to be done

  1. Gather tools and materials.
  2. Under the car, locate the oil drain plug (a large hexagonal-shaped nut that is screwed into a threaded hole).
  3. Remove it with a wrench or, on some vehicles, by hand.
  4. Allow old oil to drain from the engine onto a bucket or other absorbent material
  5. Once drained replace the filter assembly back onto the engine block
  6. Remove the old oil filter, and then install the new one.
  7. Fill with oil until it reaches your vehicle’s fill line. Check that you have enough oil in your engine by checking its dipstick level

Here is a video showing you step-by-step how to change the oil and filter on a Holden Cruze.

After you changed the oil and filter, you will need to disconnect the battery by removing the negative terminal for about 10-15 minutes to reset and clear the “code 79”. Then reconnect the battery and start your Cruze.

Remember to only use the recommended oil type and viscosity listed on your Holden manual.

How Often Should You Change Oil and Filter on a Holden Cruze

Now let’s look at the oil-change schedule for a Holden Cruze in order to avoid code 79.

The recommended oil change interval is every 4000 -5000 Km (3000 miles) or 6-12 months, whichever comes first. At every oil change, you should also replace the oil filter and check for leaks.

I hope this article was helpful in fixing and resetting code 79 on your Holden Cruze.

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