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Holden Cruze Problems [8 Common Issues Explained]

The Holden Cruze was first introduced in 2009 and ran until 2016 when it was discontinued.

During its run, the Cruze became a popular choice for Australian consumers looking for a fuel-efficient compact sedan that offered plenty of features at an affordable price point. However, the Cruze is not without its problems.

In this article, I’ll discuss some of the common issues owners have reported and what I have seen in my own experience as a mechanic. Let’s get to it.

Holden Cruze Common Problems

1. Oil Leaking from the Oil Cooler:

The most common problem with the Holden Cruze is that it leaks oil.

This can happen at the oil cooler or at the gasket where the oil filter housing meets with the engine block.

The cause of this issue is usually a faulty seal on either part, so it’s not too hard to fix if you have some experience working on cars.

If you are not mechanically inclined this can be quite a task and may require you to take the car to a mechanic which can be costly

2. Turbo Problems:

Just like the American Chevy Cruze the Holden Cruze has problems with the turbocharger.

The problem is usually a faulty actuator pin which is responsible for opening and closing the wastegate valve.

This valve controls the amount of exhaust gas that goes into the turbocharger, so when it fails you may experience reduced power or poor acceleration.

The turbo problems on the Holden Cruze don’t happen when the vehicle is relatively low mileage and new.

The issue usually crops up after the vehicle has been driven for some time and the turbocharger starts to wear down.

As an auto technician, I can tell you that repairing/ replacing a turbo is a very difficult job and requires a lot of specialized knowledge.

3. Door Handle Hardening:

This is a problem that only affects the early Holden Cruze models.

The problem has to do with the plastic in the door handles, which can start to harden over time, making them more brittle and prone to cracking or breaking if you attempt to open your door with too much force.

4. Heated Seat Malfunction:

The Holden Cruze that has heated seats is known to have problems with the wiring that connects the seat to the car’s electrical system.

This can cause your heated seats to malfunction or stop working when you really need them.

5. Airconditioning Issues:

The air conditioning system on the Holden Cruze can cause a lot of problems.

It often malfunctions, which can be very frustrating in hot weather.

You may also find that your vents aren’t blowing as strongly as they should be either.

Although it can be easily fixed, this happens often enough that it is worth mentioning.

6. Automatic Transmission Jerky:

Another common issue is with the Automatic transmission, the Holden comes with either a 5-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic transmission.

A lot of owners have reported that their automatic transmission starts to get jerky and hard to shift when the car reaches high mileage.

7. Reverse Camera Glitch:

The reverse camera is a cool feature, it can be very helpful in situations where you have to park in a tight space, especially if you are parking your car in a lot that has no markings.

but it can be problematic on a Holden Cruze. I have seen a handful of Holden Cruze have issues with the reverse camera going out or not working properly.

8. Coolant Leaks:

The final common issue with the Holden Cruze is a coolant leak. Coolant is the liquid that circulates through your car’s engine, cooling it down and preventing it from overheating.

Unfortunately, coolant leaks are a common problem on the Holden Cruze. The most common places the leak happens are the radiator, the water pump, and the coolant hoses.

Over time, these parts can wear out and need to be replaced.

How Reliable is the Holden Cruze

Now, that we have discussed the most common problems with this car.

Let’s take a look at how reliable the Holden Cruze is. Based on my experience as a mechanic and the feedback I’ve gotten from my customers,

I would say that Holden Cruze is fairly reliable when still new, but I wouldn’t advise you to get one if you are looking for a reliable used car.

A lot can go wrong with this car and most mechanics love to work on it because they can make a lot of money.

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