Nissan elgrand problems

Nissan Elgrand Problems [7 Common Issues Explained]

The Nissan Elgrand is one of the most sought-after minivans on the market and for good reason.

This Japanese minivan is spacious, comfortable, and packed with features that make life easier on the road. But like any car, it’s not immune to problems.

Here are seven common Nissan Elgrand issues to keep an eye out for if you own one of these vans:

Nissan Elgrand Common Problems

1. High Fuel Consumption:

The Nissan Elgrand is a large vehicle and it burns a lot of fuel and for some people, this is a major problem.

The Elgrand has been known to use up to 15 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers, which is more than the average for a minivan.

Especially if you opt for the 3.5L V6 engine, you may find yourself spending a lot of money on gas.

You can opt for a more fuel-efficient 2.5L V6 engine but that will cost you in terms of power and acceleration.

2. Headlights Get Foggy/Cloudy:

Another common problem with the Nissan Elgrand is that the headlight housing can get foggy over time.

If you live in a region that gets a lot of rain and fog, this is going to be an issue. Your headlights won’t be as bright and may take longer to clear up after exposure to cold weather (This happens gradually overtime)

Fortunately, this can be easily fixed. A good glass cleaner and a thorough cleaning should do the trick.

3. Catalytic Converter Failure:

Catalytic Converters are designed to reduce harmful emissions from your car.

They’re made of a ceramic and metal honeycomb structure that works in conjunction with the oxygen sensor (O2) to control fuel efficiency as well as speed up the overall process.

However, they don’t last forever and have been known to fail prematurely on some Nissan Elgrands.

These can get clogged, the permanent solution to this would be decat (cat-delete) the vehicle when they become clogged.

4. Valve Cover Gasket Oil Leak:

Although the VQ engines found in the Elgrand are reliable and durable they are known to suffer from a common issue with their valve covers.

The valve cover gasket will eventually begin leaking oil. The valve cover gaskets are comprised of a rubber material that begins to deteriorate over time.

The solution is replacing the old gaskets with the new ones, it’s fairly a simple job but requires experience and tools to do so.

5. Rear Calipers Sticking:

The rear calipers can stick, causing the brake system to lose pressure.

This can lead to the brakes not working properly or not at all. Rear calipers on the Elgrand are decently made but they are not the most durable.

They can begin to stick over time if they are not serviced regularly, this is when they need to be replaced.

Signs of sticking calipers include:

  1. Car Pulling to One Side When Braking
  2. Squeaky noises when braking
  3. Vibrations on the Steering Wheel
  4. Burning Smell when braking
  5. Poor average fuel consumption

6. Glitchy Electronic Mirrors:

Another common issue reported by many Elgrand owners is electronic mirror malfunction.

Sometimes the electronic mirrors will not open or close properly. This can be due to a problem with the electric motor, or with the sensor that detects when they are activated.

From my experience, this happens to some Elgrand models more than others.

The good news is that this problem can be fixed by replacing the electric motor or sensor, which is not very expensive should it fail.

7. AirCon Issues:

The final common issue reported by Elgrand owners is air conditioning failure. The aircon gas in the system can leak out and need to be refilled. which results in poor performance or no cooling at all.

This problem can be fixed by having the system refilled with new gas and leaks sealed.

How reliable are Nissan Elgrands?

Now, that I’ve told you about the common issues that Elgrand owners have reported, let’s take a look at how reliable Nissan Elgrand vehicles are in general.

From my experience as an Auto technician, I would say that Nissan Elgrands are reliable and dependable cars.

I’ve seen many Nissan Elgrand vans come through our shop but for minor repairs in most cases

The VQ series engines used in these are known to have a very low failure rate. The transmission and electronics are solid as well.

Nissan Elgrands can easily last 150 000 -250 000 miles (240 000 -400 000 KM) without any major repairs.

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