a12 service on a honda

Honda a12 Service [Explained]

A Honda vehicle performs best when it’s serviced regularly. There are different service types depending on the vehicle, but every model needs to be serviced according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

The Honda a12 service schedule is one such service schedule that needs to be followed by the owner of the vehicle to ensure that it runs smoothly and its long-lasting durability is maintained.

In this article, I am going to go through everything you need to know about the a12 service.

What is the Honda a12 Service?

Honda A12 Service is a part of the maintenance minder where a means oil change, 1 means tire rotation, and 2 means all filter change.

This service is recommended every 12 months or every 10K-15k miles.

Honda recommends changing all filters at this time. The Maintenance Minder System is a smart way to remind you when it’s time for scheduled maintenance.

The system monitors operating conditions such as vehicle speed and engine temperature, then signals when maintenance is required.

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Is Honda a12 Service Necessary?

Yes, it is crucial since an oil change is included as part of the service, and oil is the main component in your car’s engine.

If you don’t change it regularly, your vehicle could be at risk of breaking down or even permanent engine damage, especially if you drive it a lot.

This is because the oil gets dirty and old over time. When this happens, it can no longer lubricate your engine properly, causing friction that wears down parts quickly.

The Honda a12 service is very essential to your car. It is the most important thing you should do to your vehicle, especially if you’re planning on keeping it for a long time.

What this means is that you have to make sure that all the parts of your car are in good condition and nothing is damaged or broken. One of the most important parts of a car is its engine.

The engine is what makes the car move, so if it doesn’t work properly then there’s no point in even using your car anymore.

The Honda a12 service will ensure that your engine works perfectly and that it doesn’t have any faults or problems at all.

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What is included in a Honda a12 Service?

Oil and Filter change

This is the first step in any service, as it ensures that your engine runs smoothly and efficiently.

Changing your oil regularly also helps increase the life of your engine.

 Tire Rotation

Tires wear out over time due to excessive use and if not rotated at regular intervals, they may wear unevenly leading to poor performance of the car.

Rotating tires helps maintain tire balance across all wheels and thereby improving the overall ride quality of your vehicle.

 Air cleaner filter replacement

This process involves cleaning or changing the filter inside your air intake system that helps clean dirt particles from entering into the engine while breathing in oxygen from the outside atmosphere while riding on the road surface.

Pollen filter replacement

The pollen filter collects pollen, dust, dirt, and other airborne contaminants that could enter your engine. It should be replaced every year.

Intake filter change:

This is an optional maintenance item that can extend the life of your vehicle by cleaning out harmful deposits from inside the engine’s intake system

How Much Does the Honda A12 service Cost?

The exact cost of a Honda A12 service will depend on a number of factors, including where you live and how much work is required.

The average cost of a Honda A12 service is around $100-$200 for the whole job. This includes checking the oil level and cleaning the air filter.

You may also be charged extra if your vehicle needs new brake pads or other parts replaced.

How long does a12 service take on a Honda vehicle?

It normally takes 45-90 minutes to do the service but since it is a dealership there is likely a queue of other cars, you can expect your car after 4-5 hours.


Although Hondas are generally reliable, they do require some maintenance and a12 service is one of the most crucial ones that helps prolong the vehicle’s life and ensure that it lasts longer without any serious issues to the engine or tires.

I hope you found this guide helpful, here is another service that is related to this one but major the B12 service.

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