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Honda A15 Service [Cost & Checklist]

For your Honda to keep running smoothly, you need to have maintenance services done on it on a regular basis.

Honda has various service codes that alert you to different maintenance tasks. One of these codes is the Honda a15 service.

In this article, I will be explaining what this code means so you can understand what exactly you need to have done when you see the code. Let’s get to it.

What Does Service A15 Mean on a Honda?

The Honda a15 service code has three major components, that’s, the letter A and the numbers 1 and 5. Each component alerts you to a different maintenance service that your Honda needs.

Let’s now look at each of the codes separately:

  • The A means you need to change the engine oil. 
  • The 1 means your car needs a tire rotation and inspection service.
  • The 5 means you should replace the engine coolant.

What does Honda’s A15 Service Include?

Now let’s go into more detail on what the “A15 Service” Includes:

Engine Oil Replacement (A):

Engine oil plays a key role in the smooth running of your engine. It lubricates the internal parts of the engine, helps cool down heat, and reduces the friction of the moving parts.

Now, your Honda will normally alert you to engine oil replacement every 7500 or after 12 months. Sometimes, in severe conditions, you may get the engine oil change code after 3750 miles or after 6 months.

It is important to have the engine oil changed when you see the code because, over time, the oil deteriorates, becoming less effective.

Less effective engine oil also leads to reduced fuel efficiency and can sometimes lead to more serious problems in parts of the engine.

It is, therefore, important to have the old engine oil replaced with fresh and high-quality oil when you see the service code.

Tire Rotation and Inspection (1):

Tire rotation and inspection involve moving the tires to a different position. You can move the front tires to the back and the back ones to the front.

You can also have them moved from one side to the other. Tire rotation helps to ensure even tread wear. It also helps to maintain traction and proper handling of the car.

You will also avoid premature tire replacement if you rotate the tires as required.

Your technician will inspect the tires for any damages like bulges, cuts and uneven wear patterns before rotating them. This ensures that you have timely repairs that will not only keep you safe when driving but also save you money in the long run.

Engine Coolant Change(5):

This is another important maintenance task that the Honda a15 service code alerts you to. The coolant is what regulates the temperature of the engine and prevents freezing and overheating.

The coolant loses its effectiveness over time or becomes contaminated. It is, therefore, important to always change it when the code comes on.

Replacing the coolant regularly as required will ensure that the engine is always operating at the required temperature.

It ensures optimal engine performance and reduces wear and tear. You will typically need to change the coolant at 45,000 miles and then after every 30,000 miles.

Honda Service A15 Checklist

If you are a DIYer or mechanically inclined and wish to do this service yourself, you can use this checklist as a guide for what to look for and how to perform the service.

Service Item Check
Engine Oil Replacement
Tire Rotation
Engine Coolant Replacement

Honda A15 Service Costs

How much you will spend on the Honda a15 service will vary depending on factors such as the model of your car, your location, and labour costs among others.

Below, I am going to give you average estimates for the Honda a15 service. It is, however, recommendable to check with the nearest Honda Service Center to get the exact costs for your car.

Changing the Engine Oil Cost

Most of the time when changing the engine oil, your technician will recommend changing the oil filter as well.

Depending on where you are, labour costs, and whether or not there are any ongoing promotions and discounts, you should expect to pay anything between $30 and $80.

This price can go up if you choose to use premium synthetic engine oil and a higher-quality oil filter.

Honda Tire Rotation and Inspection Cost

Most of the service centres include tire rotation and inspection in their regular service packages. Expect to pay anything between $20 and $40 for a tire rotation.

As I mentioned above, this is an important maintenance task that you should not ignore. Make sure your technician checks all the tires for any damage before they rotate them.

You can also decide to have the wheel alignment checked after the rotation has been done.

Engine Coolant Change Cost

This service will cost anywhere between $100 and $150. The price includes the fresh engine coolant and the labour needed to drain the used coolant, flush the system and refill it with the new coolant.

There may be other additional costs that may make the Honda a15 service more expensive. For example, based on the condition of your car and its mileage, you may need other repairs and maintenance tasks done after the technician has diagnosed the car.

You may require a belt replacement or air filter change, rising the costs significantly.

Overall, you should have about $300-$500 to cover everything. I must also mention that it is important to have the Honda a15 service done by a certified technician or by a Honda-authorized mechanic.

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