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Honda Accord Dashboard Lights Suddenly All On [Explained]

Is your Honda turning on all the accord dashboard lights simultaneously? If so,  this could mean your Honda has a severe battery or alternator issue, which you must address before it’s too late.

In addition, when all dashboard lights show up simultaneously, it indicates a warning to the driver.

Thus, you should take the necessary steps to prevent damaging the vehicle’s engine and other vital parts. The Honda dashboard lights observe the traffic light color system, which is:

Blue or Green Icon: This indicates that your car system has no issue, so you can continue driving.

Orange or Yellow Icon: This indicates a possible issue with your system; thus, you need to be careful and examine it within the earliest time possible.

Red Icon: This indicates a severe issue with your system, and thus you should stop driving immediately and call an authorized Honda dealer for help.

What Are the Various Honda Accord Dashboard Warning Lights?

A honda dashboard shows several warning lights which indicate different meanings to the driver. The following are some warning lights, their definition, causes, and how to fix them. 

The Temperature Warning Light.

This Warning light means the engine is overheating due to using the vehicle for longer than necessary.


  • Leakage in the system allows the air to form a bubble shape which prevents the flow of coolant to the engine, making the radiator drop coolant and turn the light.
  • Low-quality coolants block the cooling system during the cold seasons when the temperatures fall below the freezing point.
  • The presence of foreign materials and dirt prevents liquid flow to the radiator.

Steps to Fix the Engine Temperature Warning Light when it turns on. 

  • Stop the vehicle and park by the side of the road.
  • Stop the engine and open the bonnet to allow it to cool; however, you are not supposed to open the radiator in a situation where the engine is hot.
  • Find out the leading cause of engine overheating.
  •  Slowly open the radiator cap to check the antifreeze level after the engine has cooled down and if water leaks.
  • If all the above methods don’t help, then take your vehicle to the mechanic.

The Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light

This Warning light means there is not enough circulation of fluids from the oil pump, which helps lubricate the surfaces of the vehicle


  • Insufficient oil in the engine due to leakage or evaporation
  • Clogged oil filters cause starvation of lubricant
  • Faulty sensing unit

Steps to fix the Engine Oil Pressure Warning Light when it turns on. 

  • Check your honda oil level.
  • In case of a low oil level, fill the engine and change the oil.
  • Constantly change systematic oil after every 5000-7000 miles and conventional oil after 3000-5000 miles.
  • If all the above steps cant help, take the vehicle to the mechanic or for servicing

The Battery Charging Warning Light

A Math Lego symbol denotes Battery Charging Warning Light, which means there is an issue with charging the battery.


  • Broken alternator belt
  • Corrosion of battery terminals interferes with the flow of electricity and prevents the alternator from working correctly.
  • Improper charging due to Loose battery cable

Steps to fix the Battery Charging Warning Light when it turns on

  • Make sure your battery is checked when the light shows up on the dashboard since the battery is responsible for the functioning of the radio, headlights, and ignition system.
  • Take your Honda car for service for the battery to be checked.

The Tyre Pressure Warning Light

This warning light means there is shallow tire pressure causing deflated tires.


  •  leakage causing inflated tires
  • Wear and tear of the tire caused by overinflation

Steps to fix the Tyre Pressure Warning Light when it turns on.

  •  Use a pressure gauge to Check your Honda car.
  • Check your car tires periodically to prevent quick wear and tear.

The Check Engine Warning Light

This warning light means a particular part in your Honda car is not working as required.


  • Faulty emission system such as oxygen sensor that causes unbalanced oxygen to pass out
  • Defective ignition system causing improper burning of fuel
  • Improperly installed mass air flow sensors allow entry of foreign particles and hence interfere with the engine
  • Loose diesel filter cap leading to air leakage into or out of the tank
  • Diesel particulate filter blockage

Steps to fix the Check Engine Warning Light when it turns on

  • Find out the cause of the light
  • Check your Honda dashboard gauges and lights to maintain the oil pressure and to overheat.
  • Reduce the speed and tighten the gas cap
  • Take your Honda for service if the above step fails to work

The Brake System Warning Light

This warning light means the system is not working well due to insufficient brake fluid. Thus, the driver cannot use the brakes to stop the vehicle in an emergency.


  • Malfunctioning control unit
  • Faulty Pump
  • Damaged solenoid
  • Damaged speed sensor
  • Insufficient fluid

Steps to fix the Brake System Warning  Light when it turns on 

  • Determine the cause of the warning light
  • Take your vehicle to the mechanic to check
  • Check the bulb and replace the burned-out dashboard if the lights don’t clear after turning on the ignition.

Why Should You Observe Your Honda Accord Dashboard Warning Lights?

  •  To avoid unnecessary expenditures.
  •  Fixing your honda dashboard lights on time saves your car from damage.
  • To save money to be used in repairing and replacing damaged vehicle parts.
  • To protect your engine from crisis and damage
  • To save your life in case of an emergency
  • To prevent damage to your car brakes, tires, airbags, and ABS

Never Overlook Your Honda Accord Dashboard Warning Lights

Always be keen and ready to take the required actions when all your honda dashboard lights turn on at once since it shows something is wrong with the vehicle’s engine.

Understanding the meaning of different dashboard lights will save your life, money, and the most important parts of your car.


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  1. All warning lights come on starting with exhaust and tire pressure. This will stay on for a week or so and then i press tpms and recalibrate it and then everything goes away. I checked belts, battery, coolant, brakes and anything else and all looks good. Then after 2/3 weeks it does it again lasting for a week or two then I recalibrate tires and it goes away. Car runs fine. Been doing this for approximately 7/8 months with no issues. Please advise

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