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Lexus Snow Mode [Drive Select Ultimate Guide]

Winters are becoming icier than ever before. This means that drivers everywhere are looking for ways to keep their Lexus more stable in the snow and ice.

One of the features Lexus came up with is the “Snow Mode” in this article I am going to explain what this is and when to use it from a mechanics perspective, let’s get to it

What is Snow Mode on a Lexus?

Simply put, snow mode is a mode on Lexus vehicles that helps increase the stability of your car in slippery situations.

when this mode is activated a couple of changes happen to how the vehicle behaves including starting in second gear, transmission shift points being altered and throttle response reduced in order to increase the traction and balance of your Lexus.

What Happens when you Enable Lexus Snow Mode

As soon as you press the “Snow Mode” button, a couple of things happen to your car including

1. Throttle Angle Change (to 60%):

This is the first thing that happens when you press the snow mode button. The throttle angle changes from 100-80% to 60% which reduces acceleration but increases fuel efficiency and traction on slippery surfaces.

2. Transmission Shift Points Change:

When you enable Snow Mode, your transmission will shift down one gear to help increase engine torque at lower speeds for better handling and traction in the snow.

3. Starts in the Second Gear:

Under normal conditions, your Lexus will start in the first gear, however, once you press the snow mode button your car will automatically shift into the second gear when you start it up to help prevent tire slippage and wheelspin.

4. Reduced Throttle Response

Another thing that happens is your Lexus overall throttle response will be reduced in order to limit speed which helps you main control in the snow.

When to Use Snow Mode on a Lexus

Now, that I have explained what this feature is and what it does let’s look at the recommended time to use it.

The best time to use snow mode is when you are driving in a slippery situation such as ice, snow, or mud.

Of cause you can turn it on anytime you want but you should only do so if you need to.

If you are driving in rain or normal conditions then there is no reason to turn on snow mode as it will cause your Lexus to go slower and be less responsive.

Advantages of Using Lexus “Snow Mode”

Just like most drive mode select features, there are pros and cons to using the snow mode on your Lexus. The advantages of using this feature are listed below.

Prevents Understeer and Oversteer:

The Lexus snow mode will prevent your vehicle from getting into an understeer or oversteer situation. This is a very useful feature, especially if you have never driven in snowy conditions before and do not know how to control your car in that type of driving environment.

Improved Traction:

Another advantage of using the Lexus snow mode is that it improves traction. You will be able to drive through the snow with more control and stability than you would without using this feature.

Improved Stability:

The Lexus snow mode also increases your vehicle’s stability. This means that you will be able to drive through the snow with greater control and less risk of skidding out of control or slippage.

How Good is Lexus in the Snow

Speaking from personal experience, I can say that Lexus vehicles are very good in the snow.

The traction control system is excellent and it allows you to maintain control even when driving through deep snowdrifts.

Of cause, it will vary from model to model but the Lexus GX excels when It comes to snow driving.

How to Switch Your Lexus into Snow Mode?

Switching from normal mode to snow mode in a Lexus is straightforward.

All you have to do is press the”Snow mode” button that is located on your Center console, and when activated it will show up on your Lexus multi-information display.

You can turn off snow mode on your Lexus by pressing the button again.

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