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Mazda CX 5 Sport Mode: What Does it Do? [Explained]

Mazda CX 5 is one of the finest SUVs on the market and is Renowned for its quality, at a fraction of the cost of its competitors, and many advanced features, driving experience enhancement features like the sport mode.

In this article, I am going to tell you everything that you need to know about the sport mode and why it is so important for all Mazda CX 5 owners.

I will also explain what exactly this sport mode does, how it works, and how can you activate it in order to get a better driving experience out of your vehicle. let’s get to it.

What is Sport Mode on a Mazda CX 5?

Sport mode is part of the Mazda “drive select” system, sport mode when enabled will adjust the throttle response, transmission shift points, and how fast the car accelerates.

What Does Mazda CX 5 Sport Mode Do?

As soon as you engage the “sport mode” feature a capable of changes happen to your CX5 including:

Faster Throttle Response:

When you activate sport mode, the throttle response will be faster than when you are in normal mode. This means that when you press down on the gas pedal there is a more immediate response from your car.

Delayed Transmission Shifts:

When in sport mode, the transmission will delay its shifts to help you get more acceleration out of every gear. This means that there is more time between gears so that you can accelerate faster and harder than normal.

Faster Acceleration:

In addition to the delayed shifting, when you are in sport mode your CX 5 will accelerate faster than if your vehicle was not set to sport mode.

Engine Revs High:

The engine will rev higher than when you are in normal mode. This allows for faster acceleration and better performance overall.

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When to Use Sport Mode on Your Mazda CX 5?

There are different scenarios that call for using sport mode. here is a list of the most common reasons you might want to use sport mode on your Mazda CX 5:

Merging into Highway:

If you are merging onto a highway and need to accelerate quickly, it is best to be in sport mode. This will allow you to accelerate faster and harder than normal and this feature will come in handy if you need to get into a lane quickly.

Going Over a Hill:

If you are going over a hill then sport mode will come in handy since steep hills require large amounts of power to get over them.

Sport mode will allow you to get the most out of your engine and this feature can come in handy when going up a steep hill.


If you are overtaking another driver and need to get in front of them then sport mode is the best mode for this. This will allow you to get up to speed quickly and pass the other car without losing any time.

Looking to have some fun:

If you are looking to have some fun with your car, then it is best to be in sport mode. This will allow you to enjoy the thrill of driving fast and hard but I only doing this on a highway instead of the city due to the many stop-and-go traffic lights.

When Not to Use Sport Mode on a Cx 5

Now that you know when to use sport mode now let’s look at when you shouldn’t activate this feature.

Wet or Snow Surfaces:

If you are driving on a wet or snowy surface then sport mode should be deactivated. This is because the traction control system on your car will be disabled and this could tire slippage.

Downsides of Sport Mode

Since the sport mode alters how your Mazda CX5 drives there are some downsides to using this feature including:

Fuel Economy:

Your Mazda CX5 will use more fuel when you activate sport mode. This is because the engine will be working harder in order to deliver a higher level of performance.

So when driving in sport mode the overall fuel economy of your Mazda CX5 will be reduced.

Increased Wear and Tear:

When using sport mode there is an increased chance of wear and tear on your Mazda CX5. This is because the engine will be working harder which can cause more stress on the internal components of your vehicle.

It is important to note that this doesn’t necessarily mean driving in this mode is bad and will damage your Mazda, this happens over time and depends on the way you drive.

How to Turn on “Sport Mode” on a Mazda Cx-5


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    1. No, this only changes the way the throttle and transmission function just like the article says, it does not activate the rear axle in a FWD CX-5. For an AWD CX-5, “4 wheel drive” is already active, with or without sport mode.

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