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Service a9 Mercedes [Checklist & Cost]

One of the most common questions I get from Mercedes owners is about A9 Service: What it is, what’s included and how much does it cost? In this article, I’m going explain everything you need to know so let’s get started.

I have included a checklist at the end of the article which you can use, if you plan to do the service yourself.

What Does A9 Service Mean on a Mercedes Benz?

In simple terms, A9 service is a form of maintenance that all Mercedes-Benz vehicles are required to have performed every 10 000- 15,000 miles or when you get the service reminder on your dashboard.

What is included in the Mercedes A9 Service?

Now, let’s look at what the A9 service includes.

1. Oil Change

The first thing that is performed on your Mercedes when you take your car for an “A9 service” is an oil change.

An engine oil change is an important part of the service because it keeps your vehicle running smoothly and helps prevent premature wear.

Since Oil does get dirty over time, the oil filter needs to be replaced and the old oil disposed of.

2. Oil Filter Replacement

The next step of the A9 service is an oil filter change. The oil filter is a small, circular filter that sits inside the engine and filters engine oil.

An oil filter is crucial to your Mercedes engine because it helps filter out dirt from the engine oil before entering the engine.

A clogged or dirty oil filter can restrict engine performance and cause damage over time.

During an A9 service, the Technician will remove your vehicle’s old oil filter and install a new one in its place.

3. ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluids) Change

The next step of the A9 service is an automatic transmission fluid (ATF) change.

The Mercedes-Benz automatic transmission features a fluid that lubricates its moving parts and cools them down when necessary.

This fluid helps ensure your vehicle’s transmission operates smoothly and lasts longer than expected.

If left untreated, an automatic transmission can overheat or even seize up.

4. Brake Fluid Change

During the A9 service, your Mercedes-Benz will also have its brake fluid changed.

The hydraulic system that controls your vehicle’s brakes relies on a specific type of fluid that keeps them working smoothly.

If this liquid isn’t replaced every so often, it can become contaminated and affect your car’s ability to stop quickly when needed.

5. Transmission Filter Replacement

The transmission filter is a small, porous disc that captures any dirt or debris that may have entered your Mercedes’s transmission system.

This filter can become clogged over time and prevent fluid from flowing freely through the gears.

If this happens, it could lead to serious damage and costly repairs down the road.

6. Tire and Tire Pressure Inspection

The last thing that is included in the A9 service is tire condition and tire pressure inspection.

The technician will check all four tires for any signs of damage, tread wear, and pressure levels.

How Much Does Mercedes A9 Service Cost?

Now, let’s talk about how much this service costs on average.

Mercedes Dealership

The average cost of the Mercedes A9 Service is £650 ($789), and the price ranges between £500-800 ($607 -971) depending on the model and year of your car.

The price may seem high, but when you think about it, this is an important service that protects your vehicle from expensive repairs down the road.

An Independent Auto Repair Shop

Of course, it will cost more to have a service performed at the dealership than at any independent repair shop.

The average cost of the Mercedes A9 Service is £400 ($489), and the price ranges between £300-600 ($388 -855).

 Mercedes A9 Service Checklist 

Service Component Done
Oil Change
Oil Filter Replacement
ATF Change
Brake Fluid Change
Transmission Filter Replacement
Tire and Tire Pressure Inspection

Mercedes A9 Service Interval

Finally, let’s look at how often you should perform Mercedes A9 Service. The manufacturer recommends a service every 10 000 -15 000 miles, which means that the car should be serviced every 12-20 months.

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