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Mercedes B3 Service [Checklist & Cost Explained]

Mercedes-Benz vehicles need routine maintenance services to enhance long-lasting and safe performance on various roads. But many Mercedes-Benz owners find it challenging to comprehend the B3 service message display on their vehicles.

The short answer is Mercedes B3 service involves oil and filter changes to improve or boost the engine performance. It comes along with the inspection of brakes and suspensions.

The Mercedes flexible service system usually reminds the owner when the service is due.

If your vehicle exceeds the B3 service mileage requirement, the engine will experience a complete shutdown since the current oil no longer removes the heat. Replacing the engine or buying a new ride will be quite expensive.

Having been a victim about two years ago, I wrote this article to share my experience with the Mercedes B3 service.

This article provides a detailed insight into the meaning, composition, and cost of the B3 service on Mercedes-Benz.

What Is Mercedes B3 Service?

Mercedes B3 service is the third B routine maintenance work that deals with engine oil and filters.

The B3 service on Mercedes-Benz involves changing the oil and filters every 20,000 miles or one year after the previous service.

The maintenance service also spearheads road safety since it involves other fluid check levels and inspection of brakes and suspension.

If you correct the issues related to these components, your vehicle will have better performance and a longer lifespan.

Most of these B3 services can be carried out by the car owner since they are less technical. But if you have little knowledge of automobiles,

I would advise seeking assistance from a professional mechanic within your proximity. Mercedes-Benz vehicles have unique specifications depending on the models.

Brakes and suspension inspection can be challenging for new owners. It would be best to seek a professional mechanic service to avoid causing further damage.

What Does Mercedes B3 Service Include?

Most Mercedes-Benz dealers recommend getting your vehicle a B3 service after hitting 20,000 miles or one year from the previous maintenance work.

These services help improve the Mercedes’ performance and extend its lifespan. Here is a Mercedes B3 service list for you:

Spark Plug Service

Having a road trip with your Mercedes-Benz can be exciting due to its comfort and performance on different terrains.

But driving at low speed and idling the vehicle for an extended time will cause spark plug failure.

I Suggest changing the spark plugs when the engine experiences a rough idle and misfire or surge. Besides that, replace the dirty air filters and fuel injectors to prevent the spark plugs from stalling in the long run.

Air Filter Replacement

Mercedes-Benz air filters are vulnerable to dust accumulation due to driving in dusty road conditions. Air filters clogged with dust will make the engine oil dirty and inhibits its performance.

B3 service on Mercedes is an excellent option since the professional mechanics will inspect all the air filters and replace them if required. New filters will trap dust and allow the engine to experience optimal performance.

Brake Component Inspection

Brakes are among the crucial components of vehicles that promote road safety. Brake fluid leakages will inhibit pressure transmission from the pedal to the wheels.

The brakes will also fail due to disc depreciation and make it harder to halt the vehicle. Having routine maintenance will help avoid such circumstances.

Mercedes B3 service on brake inspection involves checking the pedal, fluid, brake lines, shoes, and pads. The process helps identify damages and malfunctions before causing severe problems.

Synthetic motor Oil Replacement

All Mercedes-Benz models require synthetic oil replacement every 10,000 miles or once a year to enhance optimal engine performance.

The new oil will ensure optimal heat distribution to prevent the engine from surging or overheating. Engine oil replacement falls under the Mercedes-Benz B3 service.

I advise you to get synthetic oil from reputable and authorized Mercedes dealers. Regular oil cannot tolerate extreme weather conditions, which might impact the engine’s performance.

All Other Fluids Check and Correction

All Mercedes-Benz models have several components that require fluids to operate. These fluids usually drain out due to leakages and inhibit these components’ operation.

B3 service on Mercedes is crucial since it involves all fluids checks and corrections if required. All the fluid level checks and corrections depend on the interval, car year, and model.

I recommend reading your car manual to determine which fluids require frequent inspection and replacement.

How Much Does Mercedes B3 Service Cost?

The average cost of Mercedes-Benz B3 service ranges from $200 to $450. The B3 service comprises oil and filter change, brakes, and suspension inspection.

Other minor services are all other fluid level checks and corrections if needed. This B service on your Mercedes comes after hitting 20,000 miles or a year after the previous service.

The maintenance service category is higher than the Mercedes A service since it involves component replacement. The B3 service cost on Mercedes-Benz varies depending on the model, year, and replacement components.

Modern Mercedes-Benz models are expensive to maintain and service compared to their older counterparts. Replacing worn-out brakes and suspension is super expensive since these components are available in sets.

I would advise seeking an independent mechanic service rather than visiting authorized dealers (unless you are under a service & warranty plan) to enjoy a fair price charge.

Besides that, avoid using regular oil in your engine since it does not remove heat. I recommend using synthetic oil to foster optimal engine performance though it is more expensive than the regular counterpart.

Take to time to research the available technicians within your proximity to avoid paying too much. Be sure to consider professional mechanics with experience in all Mercedes-Benz models to offer the B3 service.

How to Reset Service B3 on a Mercedes


The Mercedes B3 service takes place once the vehicle hits 20,000 miles or one year after the previous maintenance work.

The B3 service on Mercedes involves oil and filter replacement to boost the engine’s optimal performance.

Brake and suspension inspections are other packages that come with this B service. Some technicians will further check all other fluid levels and make corrections if necessary.

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