Mercedes B7 service

Mercedes B7 Service [What’s Included & Cost Explained]

Mercedes Benz cars have unique service terminologies compared to other brands.

These service checklists help fine-tune the vehicle for optimal performance though it can be a daunting experience for a new owner to understand them.

The short answer is, the Mercedes B7 service is more basic since it involves automatic transmission oil and filter replacement every 20,000 miles or two years.

The B7 service ensures the Mercedes- Benz driver enjoys premium features and preserves the vehicle for better resale value.

Many folks believe that B7 service is all about oil and filter change, but it usually goes beyond the maintenance sheet. This article provides a detailed insight into the Mercedes-Benz B7 service’s meaning, content, and cost.

What Is Mercedes B7 Service?

The term B7 service on Mercedes-Benz means the 7th B routine maintenance work for every 20,000 miles covered or two years.

The Mercedes B7 service involves changing the automatic transmission oil and filters for optimal engine performance.

However, many professional mechanics do not recommend this routine maintenance system on old or modern Mercedes-Benz. They prefer going through the maintenance sheet to check the previous Mercedes service code works before proceeding.

Most warranty repair policies recommend carrying out this routine B7 service from authorized Mercedes-Benz dealers only.

But you can also undertake other services and maintenance works from elsewhere since it is not a problem. The B7 service also entails additional maintenance work that optimizes your vehicle’s performance.

The cost varies due to geographical location, service station, maintenance items, and other unavoidable factors.

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What Does Mercedes B7 Service Include?

Most Mercedes-Benz models will experience different problems after hitting 20,000 miles or two years.

I recommend seeking assistance from authorized dealers for the following Mercedes b7 service checklist:

Brake Component Inspection

Safety is a priority when driving any Mercedes-Benz model. Having a brake component inspection will give you peace of mind to stay in control of the vehicle.

The B7 service helps maintain the brake pedals, lines, pads, and shoes. The technician will inspect for damages and malfunctions before fixing or replacing them.

I recommend keeping your eyes and ears open when behind the wheel for any signs of grinding, warning light on the dash, screeching, or squeaking.

Transmission Oil Change

Mercedes transmission is the seal of life since it determines the performance on the road. New Mercedes-Benz requires an automatic transmission oil change after two years.

Dirt particles in the transmission fluid will cause issues in your vehicle. The B7 service on Mercedes entails changing oil every 20,000miles to extend the transmission lifespan.

Sometimes the new oil viscosity and additives might cause unnecessary friction. I recommend seeking automatic transmission fluid replacement from authorized dealers only.

Oil Filter Replacement

Your Mercedes-Benz needs oil filter replacement every 20,000 to 60,000 miles. But the interval of change might differ due to the model and year of your Mercedes.

Going for routine B7 service will help determine the best time to replace the oil filters. Reading the car manual is a sure way to know when to replace the fuel filters.

Brake Fluid Exchange

Mercedes brake fluid exchange is crucial since it helps extend the lifespan of anti-lock brake systems.

It also allows the driver to maintain steering control and stop the vehicle during an emergency.

If you take too long to exchange brake fluid, corrosion will build up to inhibit the brakes from working. During the B7 service, the mechanic will replace the fluid and release air from the brakes.

Tire Inflation

Tire inflation check and correction is the most underrated routine maintenance service among many Mercedes-Benz owners. Ignoring the warning sign from the tire pressure monitoring system can impact performance and safety.

The B7 service on Mercedes is vital since it helps inspect the tire pressure and correct problems where possible. But I recommend having a routine tire pressure inspection every month to prevent wheel misalignment and other issues.

How Much Does Mercedes B7 Service Cost?

The average cost of the Mercedes B7 service is about $380 to $700.

The service comprises various maintenance checks and replacements to enhance optimal vehicle performance.

Most Mercedes-Benz models have high maintenance costs compared to other car brands. If you want to get the best performance from your vehicle, you should be ready to handle the costs.

However, the maintenance cost varies depending on the car model, year, and replacement parts. Let us now find out how these factors impact the cost of B7 service on Mercedes:

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Merc Model

Mercedes are luxury vehicles and come in different models. The maintenance cost may vary depending on the model.

For instance, Mercedes-Benz C300 and C350 have affordable B7 service costs compared to others.

Model Year

All Mercedes models are robust and are built to last longer than other brands. Regular maintenance will help uphold the resale value and enhance better performance.

B7 service on all Mercedes models happens after the first 20,000 miles, and it consists of everything from service A plus additional items. The cost will vary depending on the model year.

Replacement Parts

Every Mercedes model and year has a unique replacement item. It makes the cost of replacement different when undertaking the B7 service routine.

The most expensive replacement parts are brakes since they are sold in sets.

I  recommend seeking independent service providers rather than dealers since their prices are steep.


The Mercedes B7 service occurs after the first 20,000 miles or two years (whichever comes first) to help optimize the vehicle’s performance and extend its lifespan.

The service comprises all the A services plus the additional items like brake fluid change and transmission oil replacement.

Mercedes-Benz B7 service is more substantial than A since it is comprehensive. But you should be ready to handle the high cost and enjoy the premium features. Feel free to share this article with your family or other Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts.

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  1. Hi
    I have a 2014 350E convertible with approx 24,000 miles
    in mint condition. Up until now l only serviced it at Mercedes when required. My extended warranty just ran out and never used it.
    My B7 just came up and l read what Mercedes does which
    seams that it’s about time l go to a recommended local
    What are your thoughts?


    1. Hi Alan, unfortunately the warranty is based on both time and mileage limits. Since your car has passed the time limit, the warranty has expired even though it is still within the mileage frame. For a service like this that is less complicated, an independent Mercedes mechanic would likely be a much more affordable option compared to the dealer. However, if cost is not a concern, you’re welcome to take it to the Mercedes dealer service department

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