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Mercedes Class Differences [With Pictures]

Mercedes Benz is one of the largest luxury car manufacturers in the world, and that means there are many different models to choose from.

However, it’s important for you to know that each model is designed for a different type of driver and purpose. In this article, I am going to discuss the difference between the Mercedes class.

The Difference Between Mercedes Class

Mercedes A Class (Entry Level)

a-class mercedes


The Mercedes A-Class is an entry-level luxury car designed for younger drivers. It is small in size and is easy to drive, which makes it ideal for city driving or long commutes.

First introduced as a hatchback in 1997 (W168), the A-Class has been redesigned and re-engineered several times then in 2020 the sedan version was introduced.

The current model (W176) was launched in 2017, and it features a new design, improved engine performance, advanced driver assistance systems, and more.

Mercedes B Class (MPV):

mercedes b class

The Mercedes B-Class is a compact multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) It is a 5-door hatch that is much more bigger and practical than the A-Class but compromises on the looks for the added practicality, making it ideal for carrying several people at once.

First introduced in 2000 (W245), the B-Class has been redesigned and re-engineered several times then in 2019 the current model (W247) was launched. This version features an updated exterior design, improved engine performance, and more.

Mercedes C Class (Comfort Class):

mercedes c- class

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class is a mid-size luxury car positioned above the A-Class and B-Class and below the E-Class. It is the most popular Mercedes, with 30,815 units sold in 2021 in the US alone.

C class is bigger than both A class and B class and comes in a sedan, estate, or convertible version. The Class stands for Comfort Class, and this is the reason why it has a more comfortable cabin than the A and B class cars.

The interior of the C Class is made in such a way that it gives you more space for your legs and head, which makes for a more enjoyable driving experience.

The C Class is in its 5th generation (W206), the main difference between the E class and Class is the fact that E class has more standard features as standard while the C class has more options available. E class is also bigger than the C class and offers better engines but with a high starting MSRP.

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Mercedes E Class (Executive Class):

mercedes w205 e class convertible

The E Class is a mid-size executive car that comes in many different models, including the E300 4Matic. The E Class is Mercedes’ is one best selling model and has been around since 1993.

The new generation of the E-Class was introduced in 2022 and includes some of the latest automotive technologies available today.

The E class stands for “Executive Class” as the name suggests the car is designed for people who want a luxury car that’s both comfortable, stylish, and fast.

The E class positions itself as a step above the Class but not the Flagship model of the brand. The E class Comes as a sedan, coupe, estate (wagon), and convertible and has a wide range of engine options including turbocharged Four cylinder, V6, and V8 engines.

The fastest way to tell if a Mercedes is an e-class or c-class is the size and headlights

Mercedes S Class (Special Class):

mercedes special class

The Flagship model of the Mercedes brand is the S Class, which stands for “Special Class”.

The S class is a high-end luxury sedan that was first introduced in 1972. The S class comes as a sedan or coupe and has been updated several times over the years. The S class is not only bigger but better than the C class and E class in terms of quality and technology.

The S Class is to Mercedes what the BMW 7 series is to BMW, the top of their line. This car is a true luxury vehicle and comes with all of the bells and whistles you would expect from such an expensive vehicle.

The S class is only available in sedan and coupe versions and is designed for people who expect nothing but the best when they buy a car.

The S class is truly a luxury vehicle and comes with all of the features you would expect from such an expensive car.

This car is a true luxury vehicle and comes with all of the bells and whistles you would expect from such an expensive vehicle.

Mercedes G Class:

Mercedes g class

If you are an offroad enthusiast and still want a 3-pointed star on your car, then the G class is probably for you. The G Class is great for those who want to go off-roading and still have a luxurious vehicle that can take them anywhere they need to go.

The “G class” standards for Geländeklasse (English: Off road class) Mercedes says a G class is not an SUV , but an off-road vehicle. This means that it is made to be as rugged and reliable as possible.

Mercedes G class vehicles are also known for their spaciousness, due to the fact that they have seats for up to seven people.

The G wagon is designed for people who want a vehicle that they can drive on roads, but also use off-road. The G wagon is a 4×4 vehicle that will get you through any type of terrain.

Mercedes V class:

v class

What about minivans? well, Mercedes has a minivan too. It’s called the V class, and it is available in three different body styles: Vito and Viano, and V-Class.

There are also a number of different engines available for the V class, including diesel and petrol options.

V class is designed for people who want to take the whole family on vacation or a road trip, and it has space for everyone or for work purposes, a V class can sit up to 8 people comfortably and it has space for luggage, too.

The V class is also available in multiple trim options, so you can get exactly what you need from your Mercedes minivan.

What About Mercedes SUVs?

merc GLE SUV

Well, fortunately, Mercedes does have Full Suvs and Cross SUVs namely

  1. GLA
  2. GLB
  3. GLC
  4. GLE
  5. GLS


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