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Mercedes E300 Hybrid Problems [Common Issues Discussed]

Hybrid vehicles have become more popular as their technology has improved and costs associated with those technologies decreased.

Hybrid vehicles are generally defined as cars that use two different types of power sources to propel themselves forward: a traditional combustion engine and an electric motor powered by battery packs, The Mercedes Bluetec E 300 is one of those.

The Mercedes-Benz E300 hybrid has a solid reputation as a luxury sedan, and the brand’s reputation for quality certainly extends to this model. However, the E300 hybrid has been subject to its share of problems, and in this article,

I am going to talk about the common issues with the model based on my personal experience at the workshop and countless hours of research from other owners.

Mercedes E300 Hybrid Overview

The Mercedes E300 hybrid is a diesel-electric plug-in hybrid, which means it is powered by a 2.1-liter turbodiesel engine and an electric motor.

The Mercedes E300 hybrid has 201 hp and 368-pound feet of torque. The hybrid motor provides 27 horsepower.

Since this is a Hybrid vehicle, it is a fuel saver with an average fuel consumption of 65.7mpg (combined).

Now, let’s look at the most common issues with this vehicle.

Mercedes E300 Problems

Mercedes Bluetec E300 Hybrid Battery Cost:

One of the biggest problems with the E300 Hybrid is the cost of replacing the hybrid battery.

The hybrid battery is a crucial component of the system, and it needs to be replaced at some point; unfortunately, that comes at a huge cost.

The Average cost to replace the E300 hybrid battery is $31 000 (RM 143 700,50 or 28 207,98 Pounds), including labor and $20 000 for the battery alone.

This is really a huge amount of money to spend on a car, even if it is a Mercedes-Benz.

Average Stock Suspension:

I certainly felt that when I test-drove one last year, the suspension was certainly not as good as some of the other cars in the segment, and it felt a little bit too soft for my liking.

Although the suspension is decent enough (because it’s a Mercedes), it still does not compare favorably to the suspension in some of the other cars out there; many owners complained about vibrations and rattles on rough roads.

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Airmatic Failure:

Airmatic failure is the most common issue in these cars, and it can be very expensive to fix. Airmatic is basically a Mercedes’ height-adjustable suspension system, these tend to fail or malfunction on the Bluetec e300 hybrid.

Wind Noise:

Wind noise was a common issue on the e300 hybrid model, and some owners complained about it being louder than other cars in its class.

You wouldn’t expect this from a Mercedes. Certainly, it is not the case with other models, but when it comes to this particular model, you may have to deal with wind and road noise.

Shock Absorber Noise:

The shock absorbers in the e300 hybrid tend to be noisy, and some owners have reported that this is a common issue with the car.

It may not seem like a big deal at first, but over time it can get very annoying. This again boils down to the overall suspension being unrefined properly.

Auxiliary Battery Malfunction:

The auxiliary battery in the e300 hybrid is known to malfunction from time to time.

This can lead to your car not starting or running properly, and it is something that you will want to get fixed as soon as possible.

There have also been reports of a problem with the power inverter failing and causing problems with your electrical system.

Hybrid Battery Problems:

This is one of the most costly issues when it comes to e300 hybrid problems.

The battery in the e300 is known to fail at some point, and when this happens it can be quite expensive to get fixed, since the hybrid is a bit of a complex system then any issue related to the hybrid system will be a costly one to get fixed.

It is important to note that this is not a common problem but it has been reported by some owners of the e300 hybrid.

Is the Mercedes E 300 hybrid reliable?

Overall, the Mercedes E 300 does have above-average reliability. The biggest concern is replacing the battery, which, according to Mercedes, should last 8 years, but that’s not always the case, with some people reporting battery replacement for 4 years.





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