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Lexus Is250 Problems [Common Issues to look out for]

Lexus is commonly known for its luxury vehicles and high-end performance. However, the brand also makes reliable vehicles that are known for their longevity.

The Lexus IS 250 is one of those cars that you can buy with confidence, knowing that it will stand up to the test of time; however, it does have some problems that you should know about.

This article will tell you the common issues with the Lexus is250 issues. read on

The short answer is the common issues with the Lexus is250 include exhaust rust, carbon buildup, rear brakes & calipers failure, and dashboard melting.

Lexus Is250 Brief Overview

Lexus is one of the most recognizable and respected luxury car brands in the world. Their products are known for their excellent engineering, luxurious interiors, and advanced safety features.

The Lexus is250 was one of the brand’s first sports sedans and came out in 2001.

It was powered by a 2.5 l v6 engine and came with either a 6-speed manual or an automatic transmission. The Lexus is250 was popular for its sporty look and performance.

It was praised for its handling, braking, and acceleration. It was also a popular choice for luxury car enthusiasts, as it offered excellent value for its price.

There are now 3 generations of this model, and here are the years,

  • 2001 – 2005 1st Gen (XE10)
  • 2006-2013 Second Gen (XE20)
  • 2013- to date, third-gen (XE30)

Now, let’s look at the common issues with this vehicle.

Lexus is250 Common Problems

Exhaust Rusting:

The most common issue with the is250 is the exhaust rotting away due to rust. This is a problem that can be fixed by replacing the exhaust or repairing it with a patch.

The cause of this problem is generally due to the fact that Lexus is250s was made in Japan, a country with very humid weather.

I  had a few of these at the workshop and almost 80% of them do have rusted exhaust which needs replacing after some time.

Carbon Build Up:

The 2.5-L V6 engine is prone to carbon build-up and this can cause problems with the engine.

You will often find that Lexus is250s have a rough idle when they have carbon build-up, this builds up over time as the car gets more mileage, carbon build-up is a common problem with direct-injected engines.

Although this v6 engine is prone to carbon build-up, the good news is that it can be cleaned.

The reason why the Lexus IS250s is prone to carbon build-up is that it has a direct injection engine, which means that fuel is injected directly into the cylinders rather than using an injector pump like on other vehicles.

Rear Brakes Seizing:

The rear brakes on the Lexus IS250s do seize up over time (faster than the front brakes), this is a common problem with many cars.

You will find that when you press the brake pedal in your Lexus IS250s, it will feel soft and not very responsive.

This is due to the fact that there is not enough pressure being applied to the caliper pistons so they can’t push out any fluid from the rear brake lines.

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Dashboard Melting:

The dashboard on the Lexus IS250s will melt from the heat of the sun. This is a common problem with many cars, especially those that are left outside in the sun for extended periods of time.

Many is250 owners complain about this problem and it is usually caused by the materials Lexuses used for the dashboard,

fortunately, you can just put a dashboard cover over the melted area and it will extend and protect the dashboard of your IS250s from direct heat.

Rear Caliper Failure:

The rear calipers on the Lexus IS250s will fail if you don’t maintain them properly.

The rear calipers are responsible for applying pressure to the brake pads and pushing them against the rotor in order to slow or stop your car. When they fail, it causes a grinding noise when you apply your brakes.

This is another common problem I have come across when working with Lexus is250s, again this happens over time and is an easy fix.

How long will a Lexus IS250 last?

These Japanese cars are known for their legendary reliability, the Lexus IS250 is no exception. If you take good care of it and service it regularly, this car can last over 200,000-300 000 miles with very minimal issues.

My Overall Thoughts on the Is 250

As a Professional Auto technician, I have seen a lot of different brands and Lexus always stood the test of time when it comes to reliability the is250 is no exception.

The 2.5L v6 on this vehicle is failureproof when taken good care of, as you can tell from the common issues listed above, none of those are related to engine or transmission failures.

This car is capable of going over 200,000 miles if you take care of it. With 204 hp and 185 lb you still get plenty of power to have fun with, the car handles well and feels very solid on the road.

I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a reliable luxury sport sedan, it’s hard to go wrong with a Lexus.

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