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EDC Light on Iveco [Meaning, Common Causes & Fix]

One of the most common problems with Iveco’s from my personal experience is the EDC light coming on followed by the vehicle going to limp mode, cutting power, and in some cases falling to start.

In this article, I am going to discuss what an EDC light is, why it comes on and how you can fix the problem.

What Does the EDC light mean on an Iveco?

In short, EDC stands for Electronic Diesel Control and is a system that helps control the fuel injection and ignition of your Iveco.

The EDC light comes on when there is an issue with one or both of these functions. There are a lot of things that can cause the EDC to light on an Iveco, the most common causes are dirty injectors, bad throttle bodies, or faulty injectors.

What is Electronic Diesel Control?

Electronic Diesel Control (EDC) is an electronic system that controls the fuel injection in diesel engines.

It provides precise metering and delivery of fuel into the combustion chamber for improved engine performance, fuel economy, and lower exhaust emissions.

EDC ensures the engine runs within its limit by using a dynamical range set by the accelerator pedal position.

What Causes Iveco EDC light to come on?

As I mentioned above, there are a number of causes for the EDC light to come on. from my experience, here are the most common causes:

1. Bad Engine Immobilizer:

This is also known as an immobilizer or a security system. It keeps your Iveco from being stolen by disabling the engine when someone tries to start it without the right key.

If the Immobilizer is faulty it won’t be able to tell the difference between the right key and a wrong key, as a result, your Iveco may think your key is the wrong one and put your vehicle into limp mode and check EDC light on.

2. Bad Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor:

These sensors are prone to fail on Ivecos, A fuel rail pressure sensor monitors the pressure of the fuel inside the fuel rail.

This sensor is typically cylindrical and located on the fuel rail. It features a sensitive element that is coupled with an integrated electronic circuit.

The sensor is used by the ECM (Engine Control Module) to ensure that the engine cylinders receive the correct amount of fuel at the right pressure.

A bad Fuel rail sensor will give your Iveco inaccurate fuel pressure readings, as a result, the EDC light will come on. I recommend you start by checking this sensor.

3. Dirty Diesel Fuel Injectors:

Over time, the Fuel injectors in your Iveco can get clogged up with deposits and dirt. This is because Diesel fuel is a highly lubricant, so it attracts dirt like debris.

The problem isn’t just that the injectors are dirty; they also begin to stick in their seats, which means they don’t open fully when the ECM tells them to spray fuel into the engine cylinder.

4. Faulty EGR Valve:

Another common cause is a faulty EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) Valve. The EGR valve is an emission control device used in both gasoline and diesel engines.

It works by connecting the exhaust manifold to the intake manifold and allowing a small amount of exhaust gas to be recirculated back into the combustion chamber.

This helps to maintain the combustion chamber temperature and reduce nitrogen oxide emissions. The EGR system is usually controlled by either a vacuum or an electric step motor.

While it helps reduce emissions, a faulty EGR valve can cause engine performance issues such as poor fuel economy and decreased power output, as a result, the EDC light will come on if the EGR Valve is bad.

5. Failing Throttle Body:

A faulty throttle body can cause a whole host of problems including the EDC light coming on. The throttle body is the part of your Iveco’s engine that controls how much air goes into the combustion chamber, so if it’s not working correctly then you may experience poor acceleration and difficulty driving at high speeds.

The throttle body is controlled by a butterfly valve that opens and closes according to fuel demand.

How to Reset the EDC Light on an Iveco?

As an Auto technician, I recommend that you get the vehicle scanned for fault codes using a proper OBD scanner.

Since the EDC light on your Iveco can be caused by the things I mentioned above, there are other rare causes for this problem.

I recommend that you have the vehicle scanned for fault codes and see what comes up. If it’s an issue with the Immobilizer then replacing it is your best option.

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    1. My truck displays EDC on the dashboard, and it sometime hard to start, and doesn’t raise power and the sound is not normal

  1. I have the EDC light on when going up hills or acceleration, also have particulate filter come on when under pressure????it’s a 2017 Eurocargo

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