Astra "Code 82" message

Vauxhall Astra Code 82 [Meaning, Causes & Reset]

If you are getting the dreaded “code 82” message on your Astra and wondering what this means and what you can do about it, then this article is for you.

Code 82 is one of the most common problems when it comes to Vauxhall Astra models, but in many cases, it’s easily fixable.

What Does Code 82 Mean on a Vauxhall Astra?

Code 82 is a service code which simply means the oil life indicator in your Astra is showing that the oil in your engine is due for changing (usually when the oil life goes to 0%).

Engine oil is crucial for your Astra because it lubricates the engine, protects it from wear and tear, and helps keep it running smoothly.

When the gets too dirty it is essential that you have it changed and fortunately, Astra alerts you when it is time.

What Does Code 82 Service Include:

Now, that I have explained that this code means you need to take your Vauxhall for service, let’s look at what is included.

From my experience as a mechanic, code 82 includes:

1. Engine Oil Change:

Engine oil gets dirty over time and this makes it less effective. You will notice that your car is consuming more fuel than usual, making you wonder why it is so hard to drive.

When the engine oil gets dirty, it loses its ability to lubricate and protect your engine parts from wear and tear. This can cause major damage if left unchecked for long periods of time.

2. Oil Filter is Replaced:

Your Astra Engine oil filter is responsible for filtering the dirt and contaminants in your engine oil. When this filter becomes clogged, it effectively stops your engine from operating normally.

The filter needs to be replaced at regular intervals or the filter will get clogged, causing slow oil circulation which it restricts the flow of oil through your engine leading to issues over time.

How to Fix and the Reset “Code 82” Message on a Vauxhall Astra

In order to reset the service light (Code 82) you will have to change the engine oil and oil filter and reset the service light.

If you do not change your engine oil and oil filter and just reset, there is a good chance that this message will keep on coming back on your Astra dashboard.

When it comes to oil change service you have 3 options

1. Take Your Astra to the Nearest Vauxhall Dealer:

The first option is to have the dealer do the oil change service for you. This is a good option because they will have access to all the right tools and parts for your Astra.

This way, you are guaranteed that your car will be repaired properly and back on the road as soon as possible. The downside is dealerships are more expensive average cost is £120-180.

2. Independent Mechanic /Auto Repair Shop:

The second option is to take your car to an independent mechanic or auto repair shop. This is a good option because it is typically much cheaper than going to a dealership. You can expect to pay anywhere from £70-100 for the oil change service.

3. Do it yourself (DIY):

If you have the right tools and some experience then you can certainly change the oil and filter yourself including resetting the code from the dashboard manually (I included a helpful video on how to manually reset code 82).

The advantage of doing it yourself is that you only need to get the parts (oil and filter). That means you will save money on labor the oil and filter costs £40-60 depending on where you get them from. The recommended oil for a Vauxhall astra is a high-performance dexos2.

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