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Holden Colorado Problems [Main Issues Explained]

As a Mechanic, I’ll be the first to admit that the Holden Ute is a good pickup. It’s got a nice interior, it’s reliable and it’s pretty cheap to run. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any problems with the ute.

In this article, I am going to look at some of the common Holden Colorado problems, these are the problems that customers have reported to my workshop and the truck forums.

If you find yourself having one of these common Holden Colorado problems, then you can get in touch with your dealer about getting them fixed. Let’s jump to it

Holden Colorado Overview

The Holden colorado was first introduced in 2008 by General Motors Thailand specifically made for the Australian market in order to replace the Holden Rodeo.

In America, the Holden Colorado is known as the Chevrolet Colorado and is sold as a mid-size truck.

The Holden Colorado comes equipped with a 2.8-liter 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine that produces 197 hp horsepower and 440 Nm of torque, along with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

The model has undergone many changes over the years, including an update in 2010 with new headlights, tail lights, and interiors.

Holden Colorado Common Problems

1. Transmission Shuddering at Low RPMs:

The transmission of the Holden Colorado tends to shudder when it’s in low gear, especially when you need to accelerate.

A problem with the torque converter causes this. This is the most common issue with the Holden Colorado, and many owners have reported this problem.

The shuddering is not the fault of the driver but rather a problem with a faulty torque converter.

2. Malfunctioning Torque Converter:

As mentioned above, the torque converter on a Holden Colorado is a common problem that can cause a shuddering sensation when driving.

The torque converter is also responsible for maintaining the speed of the vehicle while it’s in gear and slowing down as you change gears.

Unfortunately, they are not built well in Holden, Colorado, and started having issues earlier than expected.

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3. Failing Front Exhaust Mounts:

The front exhaust mount is a common issue for Holden Colorado owners. This is because it’s a simple rubber that holds your exhaust down, but over time, it can become loose and cause the exhaust to sag.

The exhaust mounts in the front of the vehicle are responsible for holding up the catalytic converter and muffler. If these mounts fail, then your car will begin to shake violently as you drive down the road.

4. Front Brake Caliper Leak:

The front brake calipers on a Holden Colorado can leak fluid, causing the brakes to become weak. When this happens the car starts to one side when braking, or has trouble stopping at all, it is also a common issue with the Holden Colorado.

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5. Clogging Catalytic Converter:

The catalytic converter in your Holden Colorado can become clogged with soot and other particulates, which negatively affects its ability to filter emissions.

When this happens, Holden Colorado will start to produce more emissions than normal, which can lead to increased fuel consumption and reduced performance.

6 Worn Valve Seat:

The valve seat on the Holden Colorado can wear out over time, which will cause the engine to lose compression.

Holden Colorado reliability

The 2.8 Diesel on the Holden Colorado is reliable and can last for many years. However, it is important to have the engine serviced regularly at a Holden dealer or specialist to ensure that there are no problems with the engine before they occur.

My Thoughts

Other than the common issues mentioned above, the Holden Colorado is a reliable vehicle that will last for many years.

Fortunately, Only a few issues are connected to the engine which means that the engine can last for a long time. The biggest issue and certainly a costly one is with the transmission,

but Fortunately Holden knows about it and is covered under warranty.

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14 thoughts on “Holden Colorado Problems [Main Issues Explained]”

  1. Gday I have a 2013 holden colarado turbo deisel 2.8 problem is that it run normal put it under load starts shuttering done all normal checks and cleans been told it is the oil pump at idle 30psi under load around 80psi and climbing then goes into limp mode. Also been told of valve problems problems with colarados but holden is not saying that .but they say they have never had to replace a oil pump any help would be good

  2. good morning,
    I have a 2012 Colorado 2.8 Diesel 4×4 dual cab.
    It Struggles to start, and then the Check engine light comes on after a short period, display indicates reduced engine power. Fault Code P0046-3B on scanner.
    Have replaced the Air Intake Sensor, no change.
    Where to next??

    Thanks in adavance

    1. Hi Adrian,

      Thanks for reaching out. Have you looked at the MAF sensor? These tend to get dirty over time and cause all sorts of issues. Another thing I recommend you check is the throttle body position sensor. Let me know how it goes!

  3. I have 2014 RG Colorado auto 164k. The front passenger seat shakes at a speed between 95 and 105.
    The transmission was serviced 162k.
    I have had wheels and tyres checked and are balanced correctly, swapped wheels with the wife’s Trailblazer and it still did the same, whereas the Trailblazer does not.
    Had mechanic check uni joints and tailshaft all good.

  4. Hi i have a 2015 colorado. my problem is it keeps throwing up random codes and not starting. Iv’e had fitters and auto sparkies check it out to no avail. can you please help me. Thank you in adance. Tom

  5. Hey
    I think I got a major problem. Hopped in my 2013 Holden Colorado LTZ and went to take off but wouldn’t move I given it a bit more gas and heard a big clunk. I have a feeling my front diff had locked and I’ve snapped it. Why would have it locked?
    I did put it in 4 wheel drive to check and it sounds to me I’ve stuffed the front diff. Just want to know why it would have locked in the first place?

  6. Hi I have a 2015 Colorado not 4×4. Every time I start the car the service light will come on.My mechanic has cleared it a couple of times, but only when u start car it comes up

  7. Hi Team
    We have a 2016 manual Colorado
    She is the love of my life and we’ve travelled nearly 400k without any issues.
    She has developed a miss. so you will be driving along at 110k on the freeway and the engine goes stop then restarts.
    Have been told its not in the engine and have spent a fair amount of money confirming this. Not sure where else to look next

    1. Hey Kay,

      It’s really hard to tell, could be high pressure/low pressure fuel pump on its way out. Have you used a Scanner? what codes are you getting?

  8. Hi I have a 2014 automatic holden Colorado 2.8 litre.
    Was driving then lost power and was blowing white smoke, turned off the car but engine was rocking side to side so I turned off car now it wont start.
    So we drained fuel, put fresh fuel, bleed system and new filters.
    New cam and crank sencors.
    Scan tool showing no codes, fuel pressure is ok.
    Wants to start but wont start.
    Any ideas.

    1. Hey Caroline,

      For a vehicle to start it mainly needs three things, 1. Spark, 2. Air and 3. Fuel since the you worked on number 3, I recommend checking your plugs and coils, injectors as well.

  9. Hi. I have A 2016 Holden Colorado with a diagnosed torque issue from dealer. GM are refusing to replace or flush as I’m second owner. (Not purchased from dealer) even though I had 4 years warranty when purchased. Help, what should I do! I’ve lodge with accc waiting response.

  10. I have a 2016 Holden Colorado, with a Isuzu motor, when I get to just below 300 kms to go on my fuel, the engine cuts out and dies leaving me to coast to the side of the road.
    I can fill it to above 300 kms and it starts normally and continues perfectly until just below 300 kms to go??

    Is there something in the plumbing the kicks in or changes over at 300 kms?

    Any ideas??

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