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Holden Trax Problems [8 Common Issues]

Holden Trax is one of the most popular Cross over SUV models in the market. The vehicle is manufactured by GM Holden, a subsidiary of General Motors.

It was introduced in the market in 2013 and has been available ever since. It comes in two engine options the 1.4l four-cylinder and the 1.0L three-cylinder engine.

Although Holden Trax is generally a great vehicle, there are a few problems that owners have reported about the car. Let’s take a look at the common issues with the Holden Trax.

Holden Trax Problems

Rattles over bumps:

Holden Trax owners have reported that the car rattles over bumps. This problem is often reported by owners of the AWD version of this vehicle. However, it can also be experienced by those who own the FWD version too.

Wind Noise:

Holden Trax owners have reported that there is a lot of wind noise when driving at high speeds. This can be quite annoying and distracting, especially for those who enjoy listening to music while driving.

Transmission Issues:

Holden Trax owners have also complained about transmission problems with this car. This can include sudden jerks when shifting gears or poor performance in general, especially in the manual version.

Although these transmission problems are not too common, they have been reported by a large number of owners.

Suspension Weld Breaking:

Fortunately, this is not a common issue with the Holden Trax, but it has been reported by some owners. The suspension weld can break due to corrosion or hard use, so GM made a recall of those models.

Most Trax affected by this issue are found in America and Canada. It’s always good practice to check the VIN number before buying a car to see if it has been affected by this recall.

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Glitchy Bluetooth Connectivity:

The Bluetooth connectivity in the Holden Trax is not very good, and it can often disconnect from your phone or won’t pair properly.

This can be frustrating for those who use their car’s Bluetooth to stream music or talk on the phone while driving. Fortunately, if you look at the 2016 model and onwards then it comes with Apple Car Play and Android Auto as standard, which will make it much easier to use.

Feels Underpowered on Some Surfaces:

Although the 1.4L four-cylinder engine produces 103 KW and 200 NM of torque, it feels underpowered when driving on some surfaces.

This is especially noticeable if you are going uphill or on a winding road with lots of turns. If this is something that bothers you then it might be worth looking somewhere else.

I would like to add that if this is your first car then the Trax will be more than enough for you. It is great for driving around town and overall a great daily driver but if you are used to much more power and torque then the car will feel underwhelming.

Ac and Cooling Fan Malfunction:

This is one of the most common issues with this car. The AC and cooling fan tend to stop working after a while and then come back on randomly.

This can be annoying, especially during hot summers or when you are driving through a desert or something similar.

It turns out that the temperature control knob is prone to breaking over time and if it is stuck on hot the AC and cooling fan will not turn on. In Rare Cases, the Cooling fan stops working completely and needs to be replaced.

Engine Carbon Build UP:

This is another issue that tends to occur over time. This is because of a lack of maintenance and regular servicing. The engine starts to accumulate carbon buildup and needs to be cleaned out in order for it to run properly again.

You will need to do carbon cleaning after some time and the most effective one is walnut blasting, which is a process where the engine is cleaned by blasting it with walnuts.

The walnuts remove any carbon buildup inside the engine and get it back to its former glory.

Other Holden Trax Engine Problems


How Long Do Holden Trax Last?

When properly driven and well maintained, Holden Trax can last 200 000 miles and even more. That’s a lot of kilometers and it should be enough to get your family through many adventures.

My Thoughts

Although the Holden Trax has some problems, it is a very capable little SUV. Things I like about the Holden Trax

  • Fuel Efficient (6-8L per 100 KM)
  • Clean Design
  • Plenty of Cargo Space
  • Sufficient Interior Space
  • Great Daily Driver
  • Relatively Reliable

The 2017 model and Older are more prone to these mechanical problems than the newer models. However, there are ways to fix these problems and they are very common in vehicles of this age range.

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