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Isuzu MUX Problems [Reliability Explained]

Isuzu is one of the few automakers known for producing extremely reliable and durable vehicles.

This Japanese car manufacturer prides itself on making long-lasting vehicles.

It’s no surprise I am having a hard time faulting their flagship mid-sized SUV – the MU-X. However, despite this reputation, there are some common issues with this vehicle that you should be aware of. Here are some of the most common issues with the Isuzu MUX:

Isuzu MUX Common Problems

1. Thin Paintwork:

The most common issue from my personal experience and what other owners are reporting is that the paintwork on these vehicles is quite thin and soft, especially on the 2014-2018 year models.

The paintwork on the Isuzu MUX is very thin, which means it can be easily scratched.

This is not a major problem as long as you take care of your vehicle and wash it regularly (and use a wax to protect from UV rays).

If you don’t keep up with this maintenance then over time the paint will become very dull and chipped.

2. Noisy Wheel Hub Seals:

Over time the hub seals on these vehicles attract dirt and lose their lubrication, which can cause the hub seals to make a loud noise when you drive especially when driving at 60-100 km/h speeds.

As you can probably tell this is a minor issue that can be easily fixed by lubricating the seals every once in a while.

3. Average Infotainment System:

Another issue for most people is the infotainment system in the Isuzu MU-X feels a bit boring and looks a bit outdated. While it is certainly better than some other car brands, it still has room for improvement.

4. Turbo Noise when the Engine is Cold:

Although the standard turbo is reliable and can last a long time on these vehicles, a common problem most owners complain about is loud turbo noise when the engine is cold, when accelerating, or driving uphill.

The standard turbo is also known to go out over time on some MUX cars and ISUZU has made a few revisions to the standard turbo to make it more reliable.

Since this is a known common issue Isuzu has extended the warranty on the turbochargers for the MUX and D-MAX models. which means if the turbocharger fails under warranty, they will replace it, at no extra cost.

5. Speaker Rattle:

Another common issue with the MUX is that the speakers can rattle when driving over bumpy roads or going over speed bumps. The speakers are known to be average when it comes to longevity, so it’s not uncommon for them to rattle after a few years of driving the Isuzu MUX.

6. Body Mounts Cracking:

Some owners reported body mounts crack on their Isuzu Mux, Body mounts are responsible for keeping the vehicle frame and the body connected.

These are known to crack over time on the MUX especially if you frequently drive over uneven roads, bad terrain, or offroading.

7. Head Unit Malfunction:

The head unit is known to malfunction, especially in the early years of production. This can cause problems such as The display being blank, The display cutting out while driving or while on the road, or restarting itself every now and then.

How Reliable is the Isuzu MUX?

As a professional mechanic, I often look at the reliability of vehicles.

The Isuzu Mux is a great SUV that can be very reliable, but you should expect some issues here and there but usually minor problems. The engines are known to last around 250 000 – 350 000 KM before having any issues.

With proper maintenance, the Isuzu Mux is bulletproof and will run for years without any problems. The parts on the Isuzu MUX are also very easy to find and cheap, which is always a bonus!

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