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Nissan Dualis Problems [How Reliable Are They?]

The Nissan Dualis is a crossover SUV that targets people who are looking for something bigger than a hatchback but smaller than a regular SUV. The Dualis is available in two versions 2WD and AWD.

In this article, I am going to go over some of the common problems that can occur with the Nissan Dualis based on my experience as a mechanic and the experiences of other people who own this vehicle. Let’s Jump to it

Common Nissan Dualis Problems

1. Clutch Failing Prematurely:

One of the most common problems with the Dualis is the clutch which can fail prematurely. I had a lot of owners come in with this problem.

This is because the clutch itself is not manufactured well, so it will wear out quickly and need to be replaced. This is an issue for the manual transmission version of this vehicle, but not for the automatic transmission.

2. CVT Transmission:

The CVT transmission found in the Dualis is prone to fail and it can be expensive to replace.

The issue is that the CVT transmission does not have any gears, so when it goes bad, it will need to be replaced entirely with a new one instead of just having parts repaired.

Fortunately, these types of gearboxes are generally reliable (Regardless of the car brand) but on Dualis they are even more susceptible to failure when not properly serviced and taken care of.

3. Relatively Costly Replacement Parts:

Ever since Nissan (Japanese) was brought by Renault (French) the cost of replacement parts has gone up.

This is because Nissan parts are no longer produced by the Japanese Nissan instead they use mostly Renault parts. The problem with this is that the quality tends to be lower than before as well as the prices being higher.

I personally think Renault parts are amongst the most costly parts on the market.

So if anything fails on the Dualis, be prepared to shell out some good money to replace them.

4. 1.6L Engine feels underpowered:

I must admit the 1.5, 1.6L turbo Petrol/Diesel found in the Dualis is decent and will easily take you from point A to B without any issues, especially when driving in the City,

But when you take the Dualis uphill or trying to overtake another vehicle,, you will notice that it feels underpowered.

If you are looking for more power, then I recommend going for the 2.0L turbocharged Petrol instead.

5. Coolant Reservoir Leak:

Another problem with the Nissan Dualis that some owners complain about is the coolant reservoir leak. When it happens, you will notice that there is a small puddle of fluid under the vehicle.

This happens to some Dualis owners after several years of use, but there is a fix for this problem. You can take the car to your mechanic and have them replace the coolant reservoir.

6. Low Build Quality:

The build quality of the Nissan Dualis is not as good as it should be. Some owners have complained about this, and I have to agree with them.

The interior feels cheap, especially the dashboard and some parts of the door panels, however, for the price point, the Nissan Dualis is a very good car.

It has many features that will make your life easier, such as Bluetooth connectivity, a USB port, and reversing camera. The fuel economy is also quite impressive, especially if you drive mostly in city traffic.

Are Nissan Dualis Reliable? How Long Do They Last?

Now, that I have discussed the common problems with the Dualis, let’s talk about how long they last. The Nissan Dualis is reliable if well taken care of. It can easily last 4-10 years before needing any major repairs.

My Overall Thoughts

Although the Dualis does have its fair share of issues, they can last a long time if you take care of them i.e servicing on time (every 10000-15000 miles), regularly, and replacing the parts that are prone to wear and tear.

If you can get past the common problems with this vehicle, it is a great car for your daily commute or weekend driving. Other good things include:

  1. Great Fuel Economy (8.2-8.6L per 100km)
  2. Quiet Cabin
  3. Comfortable Ride
  4. AWD variant is good in Snow

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