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Rear Belt Monitor Fault on Ford [Causes & Fix Explained]

Ford has introduced many new models that come equipped with advanced warning systems and other high-tech features.

One such feature is the belt monitor system, which alerts drivers when they are not wearing their seat belts.

In this article, I am going to talk about what a belt monitor system is and what causes the  “rear belt monitor system fault” on your Ford.

Ford Belt Monitor System Explained

The Ford belt monitor system is an Electronic device that monitors seat belt usage in your car.

It has been designed to alert you when there is no one wearing their seat belts or when the driver, front, or rear passenger doesn’t have their seat belt fastened properly.

These systems now work for the front and rear seats (previously only applied to the front seat only) but do malfunction at times and then cause a fault message on your cluster.

What does “Rear Belt Monitor Fault” mean

This message means that your rear seat belt monitor is not working properly, and it’s time to get it checked out. There are many reasons for the fault, and I will discuss them below.

What Causes Ford’s “Rear Belt Monitor Fault”?

Bad Seatbelt Sensor:

The belt monitor is a sensor that tells the car if you have your seatbelt on or off. If this sensor is bad, it will cause this code to be set.

The easiest way to check this is to see if the light on your dash turns off when you put on your seatbelt (if not, there is another problem).

If it does turn off, then you need to replace the seatbelt sensor.

Bad Resistor valve on the Belt:

This valve senses if your seatbelt has been cut or damaged in any way. If it is bad, then the car will throw an error code stating “Rear Belt Monitor Fault”.

Fortunately, the resistor valve is an easy fix and should be covered by the warranty.

Low Battery/Loose Terminals:

If your battery is low or loose, then the car will not be able to communicate with the BCM properly. This will cause a “Rear Belt Monitor” error code to be thrown.

To fix this problem, you need to have your battery checked and replaced if necessary; before having the battery checked, I recommend disconnecting and reconnecting the battery to see if the error goes away.

Malfunctioning Seatbelt Connector:

If the seatbelt connector is malfunctioning, then this will cause a “Rear Belt Monitor fault” error code to be thrown.

To fix this problem, you will need to have your seatbelt connector replaced. Also, If your vehicle’s seatbelt pre-tensioner isn’t working properly, then this will cause the fault.

Can You Drive with a Rear Belt monitor fault?

Yes, you can drive your Ford since this fault is not related to the engine, transmission, or any other drivetrain components.

The only thing you need to do is take extra care while driving, as the seatbelt may not always be secure for the rear seats.

How to Fix “Rear Belt Monitor Fault Service Required”

The first thing I recommend is switching off your vehicle and disconnecting and reconnecting the battery to check if the fault has gone away.

If the fault persists, then you will need to visit the nearest Ford Dealer and have your vehicle inspected by a mechanic.

The mechanic may also check if there is any damage to the seatbelt connector/sensor or belt valve resistor, and if there is, then they will need to replace it.

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  1. I got this message after having the Bronco 3 days. I have an appt for service but I noticed that all the seat belts in the back were buckled (by the detailer who cleaned the car) so I’m hoping it’s only that.

    1. I’m having that also. But it comes and goes. Usually after long trip it’s ok for few days. I know the battery isn’t great as start and stop doesn’t work due to “vehicle charging”
      So I suspect it’s a battery. Do you think that’s the reason?

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