"switch off engine and check coolant level" messgage

Switch Off Engine and Check Coolant Level on Audi [Quick Fix]

“Switch off the engine and Check coolant level” is one of the most common problems when it comes to Audis; fortunately, from my experience, this is a relatively easy fix, but if left unattended, can cause your engine to overheat and eventually fail.

Audi ” Switch off engine and check coolant level” meaning

Although the message is pretty straightforward, there are some things you should keep in mind when dealing with this issue.

The first thing is that the message means that your coolant level is low and needs topping up.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to replace all of the coolant; what it means is that you should check where your current level is at and top up if necessary;

however, this is not only caused by low coolant; other things like a leak in a cooling system. Let’s look at the causes.

Switch Off the Engine and Check the Coolant Level. Coolant Causes

Now, let’s look at the common causes of a low coolant level message.

1. Coolant is Below the required level:

The first and most common cause of a low coolant message is simply that your coolant level is below the minimum required level,

This is straightforward check your coolant reservoir, and if it is below the minimum, top up with anti-freeze.

2. Bad Coolant Level Sensor:

Another common cause is a bad coolant level sensor, which is located under your Audi expansion tank (Coolant Reservoir).

A coolant level sensor is a small electrical component that is attached to the cooling system. It measures how much coolant is in your car’s cooling system and sends this information to your vehicle’s computer.

If the coolant level sensor malfunctions, this will cause a low coolant level message on your Audi dashboard.

A simple way to check if the error is caused by a bad coolant level sensor is if you check your overflow tank (Coolant Reservoir) and if the coolant level is above the minimum mark.

Then the problem is caused by the sensor rather than low coolant.

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3. Leaking Coolant Tank Cap:

A leaking coolant tank cap can cause a low coolant level message on the Audi dashboard.

If you have recently checked your coolant level and it was full, then you should check the cap for any leaks (usually around the neck area).

If there is no leak, then you need to replace the cap with a new one. Since a car cooling system is a high pressure even the tinniest hole in the cap will leak coolant and create a check coolant level message.

4. Wrong Coolant Type:

Although this rarely causes the problem if you have recently changed your coolant, then make sure that you have used the right type of coolant for your car a G12 Coolant is recommended for Audis.

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5. System Error

Sometimes there is nothing wrong with your Audi cooling system and the check coolant level message can be caused by a false alarm. If you turn the car off and on the message goes away.

This is common with Audis and VW cars.

What to Do if the Turn off engine and check coolant level comes on your Audi?

I recommend that you find a place to park and switch off the engine to let it cool down (usually takes 15minutes-35 minutes to cool down depending on whether and how long you have driven).

Then after the engine is cooled check your coolant tank to see if there is enough coolant (Above the minimum) if the coolant is low top it up, if then coolant is full then you will have to get a new coolant sensor. Pretty inexpensive and easy to replace.

I also advise you to ensure the coolant reservoir cap is properly sealed and not leaking.

If you are not a DIY type of person then the best thing to do is bring your car to a mechanic and let them check it out.

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